Tuesday, September 2, 2008

IDF arrests wanted head of Nazareth Terrorist Cell

Holocaust™ News Service--West Bank

The IDF announced that one of their special forces groups had captured the long wanted West Bank terrorist, J. Christ in his hometown of Nazareth.

Shlomo Ratberg, IDF General in charge of the "snatch and grab" operation, said that the IDF had long sought to capture the Christ, due to his obvious terrorist activities in the West Bank and the Palestinian territories, such as preaching to the Palestinians and Jews that they should love thy brother as thy self and to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless.

"Christ is being detained at a secure, but undisclosed location by the Shin Bet," added Ratberg, "Even during "enhanced interrogation" sessions, this loony keeps talking about peace!"

"No one in their right mind talks peace to Israeli's, so this Christ person is not only a terrorist, he's obviously in need of psychiatric help," said Ratberg.

When asked for comment about the capture of Christ, Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority, said thru his spokesman that he "wanted nothing to do with an operation that Israel was evidently in their right to launch and that he was washing his hands of the whole matter."

Rabbi Phulla Shatstein, most holy head of the Supreme Rabbinical Council of Israel, where Israeli laws are formulated before being passed by the Knesset, was extremely pleased that the IDF had captured what he termed a "dangerous rabble-rouser."

Shatstein said that Christ, although not wanted for any acts of violence, was just as guilty as a HAMAS jihadist for telling the Palestinians that they should live in peace and hope for a better day.

"As everyone knows, Israel has outlawed hope for the Gaza Strip and much of the West Bank Palestinians, so to have this terrorist inciting people to hope and pray for a better day is nothing short of Christ being a bomb-throwing radical and he will be dealt with as such, by execution, as decreed in a secret meeting of the leading Israeli rabbis," said Shatstein.

"What is this Christ thinking, espousing such radical ideas as to feed the hungry? Israel has gone to great pains to make sure there are over one million hungry in Gaza and now this Christ character says they should be fed? Such is the level of sedition and treason against the state of Israel by this Christ and that is why this type of virus must be eradicated," said Shatstein.

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