Friday, November 28, 2008

Oops, a fire got started

Some of the best--for adrenalin junkie firefighters-- fires we had at the ********* Fire Department were arson fires.

And the best of that bunch was when the arsonist was so skillful, he/she never left any evidence..yes, a full blown fire can leave evidence, if you know where to look.

And the best of the best arsonists would torch several structures in town, around the same time, so that the one fire he was getting paid for didn't stick out.

The business might be imploding or there might have been a theft, but that was all washed away with the skillfulness of the arsonist.

We'd know a torch had lit the place up, but could never prove it.

And that's what the Bush/Cheney Junta is doing: setting off arson fires all over the damned place to cover up their thefts of trillions and trillions of dollars.

The biggest of these fires was the inside job of 9/11. That arson allowed the Bush/Cheney Junta to go on a sanctioned rampage, invading countries for fun and proft... And for Empire and Israel.

The anthrax attacks was another of those arson jobs. Fear is a powerful motivator and the Bush/Cheney gang knew how to scare the crap out of people, all to divert attention from the crimes being committed.

Fear that was pushed non-stop by state sanctioned news outlets like FUX and CNN. Fear that was used to shred the Bill of Rights. Can't have no nambie-pambies getting in the way of the DC kleptocrats.

Another staged fire was the mortgage backed security implosion, which is allowing the Bush/Cheney mob to steal this country blind, all in an effort to douse the fire they started....But the fire won't be extinguished until the USA has been completely gutted.

We know they're stealing the money, but can't really prove it outright.

Besides, the wolf is baying at the door and right now, you've got other things to worry about.

What follows is intended to be used to "prevent" fires and should not be used in any other way!

P.S. When some people run into troubles, they "accidentally" light a fire in their house and let the insurance company buy the place.

Some of the more boneheaded amateurs start a fire in more than one place.

That's a BIG hint to the arson investigator that there's monkey business afoot, but you'd be surprised how many people try that.

Another way people get nabbed is to move out stereos, color tv's, pianos, guitars, etc. Things of value that the person wanted to save.

And that's how many an arsonist gets caught. The insurance company will know what you're claiming in the fire as a loss and you'd better believe that they have ways to find out whether or not that plasma TV was consumed by the fire.

The Average Joe, like the Bushies, tend to get greedy when their house "accidentally" catches fire.

Some will try and lie their way out of the fire that got "accidentally" started.

The FD arson investigators, the State Fire Marshal's office and the insurance company guys will see right thru the lies and hang your ass out to dry.

Some people are savvy and get caught up in everyday activity and that gets a fire "accidentally" started.

If say, a cigarette "accidentally" dropped into the sofa--one of those with cloth covering and foam rubber padding will burn like the dickens--and say that sofa hadn't been cleaned out for awhile and maybe even had some dryer lint behind the cushions where the cigarette "accidentally" dropped and say the sofa was surrounded by some newspapers you'd read, but hadn't moved, well if that happened, admit to smoking that cigarette and say, "Dammit, I was on the sofa, yes I was smoking and i was getting sleepy, so i went to bed. Next thing I know, the living room's on fire and I'm trying to save my life."

The smart ones own up to the fire as being some kinda dumbass, boneheaded move by the occupant. Hard for the insurance company to bust thru that, since it's technically not a lie.

And of course, you probably got some smoke alarms, battery powered, but you needed the battery for something and forgot to replace it. So the alarms didn't wake you up.

Or say you were working in the basement, with a propane torch and kinda got careless and started a fire down there close to some other combustibles and well, shit happened and you don't know what happened, but you were using the torch to do this or that and I'll be damned if I know. And yes, you do recycle and kept a bunch of cardboard and newspapers down there to recycle.

To make things even more interesting, say the fire started in a room that had several hundred rounds of rifle ammo--.22 caliber is good and shotgun shells.

When those fuckers start heating up and popping off, I'll guarantee you no firefighter in his right mind will enter that building. Which leaves more than a few that might try.

Another item that will explode when exposed to severe heat is spray paint, the kind in those hand held containers people use to brush up stuff or paint bikes, furniture, etc.
They'll leave a loud enough BOOM to make a firefightng crew pull the hell out of that room.

Which means that no one will be attacking the base of the fire, which means the fire will grow and spread. Which means the FD will have to resort to exterior firefighting, which means that what the fire doesn't destroy, the water will.

Some use carbon based fuels like gasoline or diesel and get their ass nabbed every time. Some of the better pro's use on site combustibles. One caveat to this rule: If you have one of those kerosene heaters that are safe to use inside, you wouldn't believe what one guy did, poured gasoline into that fucker to burn.. It burned alright. Very, very dangerous.

Another curious thing is that around 3 am is when your circadian sleep cycle makes you the most vulnerable, including firefighters who tend to make more mistakes at that time.

Fires that "accidentally" start when the ground, especially the roof, are covered with snow... ice is better, are more difficult to extinguish.

And never have one of these "accidental" fires if you're behind on your mortgage or have been falling behind. That's a red flag to investigators who will really start crawling up your arse.

Remember, all of these scenarios are only offered to help you "prevent" fires.

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