Thursday, October 1, 2009

MOSSAD tales of intrigue, starring the "Arctic Sea" and the "MV Iran Deyanat"

The "Arctic Sea' hijacking/missile smuggling story makes no sense. To refresh your memory, click here. The basic story is that sinister Russian types were trying to smuggle Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to Iran and how courageous MOSSAD ops saved the world from certain disaster by hijacking the "Arctic Sea" and getting rid of those anti-aircraft missiles that were surely bound for the next 'Wars for Israel' target, Iran.

The last Big Fib surrounding Iran and Israel involving a ship was the bogus MV Iran Deyanat that appeared in August of 2008, only that time the Iranians had turned the Deyanat into a huge 'dirty bomb' that they were going to pilot up to the Israeli coast and detonate.

We were fed tales of woe and misery about the Deyanant, including the strange deaths to some of the pirates that hijacked the ship off Somalia. Dead from 'unknown' causes, purported to be from the illicit cargo the ship was carrying... But NONE of the crew had died or gotten sick from that cargo and in the end, the ship berthed at the destination listed on its manifest, Rotterdam, unloading food and minerals.
The MV Iran Deyanat arrived at Rotterdam on 11 November 2008. A "multi-disciplinary team comprising inspectors from the port authority, customs and habour police boarded and searched the ship" and found no hazardous substances on board. The paperwork was in order and the ship was unloaded. Lloyd's List reported that the ship’s charterer—German-based Hinrichs—denied any evidence of pirates falling ill during the hijacking.
Source: Lloyd's List

The story about the Deyanat turned out to be full of BS, but it served a purpose: to keep the Iranian 'boogieman' front and center so feeble minded and gullible Americans would clamor for to fight another "War for Israel.'

Why not mention the obvious in regards to the alleged smuggling of Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to Iran: Why take the long and dangerous route?

If someone in Russia wanted to smuggle some items to Iran, why go to all the trouble of moving them to a Finnish port, loading them onto a ship, then plying the Baltic, then the North Sea, then the Mediterranean to Algiers. From there, they'd have to go on a dangerous 5,000 mile--3,100 by air-- land journey across N. Africa to the Horn, where'd they'd have to be loaded again onto a ship that would have to cross the Persian Gulf that has so many US Navy ships that it needs a traffic cop.

Why not just use that backyard Russian lake known as the Caspian Sea?

This smuggling/hijack story makes no sense, unless it's being used to feed the same 'Echo Chamber' that was instrumental in selling the Iraq invasion to gullible Americans, running at full blast. Only this time around, trying to find that Niger 'yellowcake' story that has sticking power is proving to be daunting.

No 'smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud' has been crafted that has staying power.

Looks like Judith Miller is still plying her trade.

But I could be wrong, after all Israel has proven time and again to have an impeccable record when it comes to telling the truth, right?

We were told 6-8 lost at sea types had been rescued by the 'Arctic Sea.' Then they hijacked the ship?

1st Mate of the Arctic Sea: "Captain, a lifeboat containing six heavily armed men has come alongside, requesting rescue."

Captain: "Heavily armed?"

1st Mate: "Yes sir, they have AK47 assault rifles, Glock's and hand grenades"

Captain: "Well, by all means, let them board"

Could it be that the "Master of False-Flags" and the "Father of all Liars" is getting sloppy and lazy from getting drunk on its own arrogance?


  1. well greg, don't forget that chuckeem told us they had to avoid the caspian sea because the gray aliens would come up from their undersea lairs and cause some shit. otherwise i really like your analysis.

  2. I've got some 'grays' in my hair, do you think they're dangerous?

  3. only if they're causing you some shit, and then you can go to cvs and saturate them with chemicals. that's what i do.


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