Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The "Yes Men" Fix the US Chamber of Commerce and PUNK FOX

Eric Wohlschlegel confronts Hingo Sembra. Which one legitimately represents the right way for American business? Oct. 19, 11:15am, Washington, D.C. Press Club.

The Yes Men Pull Off Prank Claiming US Chamber of Commerce Had Changed Its Stance on Climate Change

The business community got a shock on Monday when its leading advocacy group appeared to make a startling announcement. A statement purporting to come from the Chamber of Commerce said the group had dropped its opposition to congressional climate change legislation and would now even support taxing carbon emissions. The news wires quickly picked up the story, and within minutes it was being reported on the websites of outlets including the New York Times and Washington Post. It also made its way onto cable news, including the Fox Business Network. It was all a prank pulled off by the Yes Men.

The "Yes Men" are a refreshing bit of guerilla theater that points out the absurdities in the 'United Corporate States of America.' Their intelligent antics are a blessed relief to the hum-drum, BS that passes for 'news' on CNN, FUX and MSnnnnnnnnnnoozzBC.

The corporations are almost to the point of controlling our entire life, from forcing your Mother to make some difficult choices if she can't afford proper prenatal care, all the way to your death, when you get stuck in a living graveyard, AKA 'Retirement Homes' and die a slow death, since your family can't afford to keep you at home... Gotta clock in at the corporate masters and make some more money for Wall Street Robber Barons and Thieves!

It's brave groups like the "Yes Men" that are helping keep the world from turning into a global plantation and all us 'little people' being turned into serfs and slaves.
(That world leader in news, FUX, swallowed this hook, line and sinker before realizing that FUX had been exposed as lazy journalists that exist solely on WH sound bites and Wall Street PR releases.)

More 'Yes Men!"

SurvivaBall - A Gated Community For One

For those of us who typically find corporate Americas response to global warming painfully flaccid, economically self-destructive, and morally reprehensible, Halliburtons most recent contribution to climate change preparedness comes like a puff of fresh air. Presenting at the Catastrophic Loss Conference held at the posh Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island, Florida, Halliburton representatives demonstrated three mockups of their innovative SurvivaBalls, protective suits with the ability to insulate members of the economic nerve center from the climatic and social disturbances resulting from an upset global ecosystem. Although appearing awkward at first, the benefits of the suits quickly become apparent. The devises, which Mr. Wolf described as essentially a gated community for one," are ingeniously integrated with a host of advanced features like communications systems, nutrient gathering capacities, and onboard medical facilities. In addition to a daunting defense infrastructure, SurvivaBalls are able to gather energy from a plethora of sources, including wind, hydro, and even living animals.

SurvivaBall Model X7 | Unit Z5-11 | Version 11.7

Compatible with Halliburton power units 10x + and 11x with PP45 adapter and TICC conversion software

1. SHF Atenna with Supplementary LF Annennae
2. Receiver and Data Processor
3. Protective Headgear with Visor
4. Drinking Straw
5. External pores (defensive)
6. Defense Enhancement Unit (1 of 3; primary)
7. Food Reprocessor (receives nutrients from Nutrition Refunction Centre, 21)
8. Maniple Pods (for interaction with people, technology and the environment)
9. Nutrition Utility Transfer (conveys nutrients from Food Reprocessor, 6)
10. Electrical Grafting (secures against power loss)
11. Dynamo
12. Motors (powered by Dynamo, 11, and Maniple Pod, 8, plug interfaces)
13. Electromagnetic Strips (generate electricity for Dynamo, 11, and allow external linkage)
14. Maniple Pod Deployed as Rotor (applicable to all MPs)
15. Defense Enhancement Unit (2 of 3; non-lethal)
16. Power Converter
17. Defense Enhancement Unit (3 of 3; rear)
18. Power Conduits with Inline Power Converters and Dynamo)
19. Medical Analysis Unit (runs constant scans on health and energy)
20. Personal Trapment Unit (conveys cast-off to Nutrition Refunction Centre)
21. Nutrition Refunction Centre (extracts nutrients from cast-off)
22. Persistent Nutrition Unit (delivers small amounts on an ongoing basis)
23. Suspension Grid (elasticated cable system)
24. Hyperfine Elasticity Units (impart added momentum)
25. Medical Stability and Emergency Unit
26. Communications and Infrastructure Monitoring Assemblage

Mr. Wolf and Dr. Northrop Goody of Halliburtons Emergency Products Development Unit earnestly answered the insightful questions from conference attendees, who inquired about how the device would fare against terrorism, whether the array of embedded technologies might make the unit too cumbersome, and the issue of the unit's cost feasibility. It must also be asked if these suits might one day be affordable for the average family, or for members of the developing world, especially considering the cost of inflation. In addition to assuring attendees that these and other issues were actively being address, Mr. Wolf expressed Halliburtons forward-thinking approach to climate change, viewing it as an opportunity pregnant with promise. "The SurvivaBall builds on Halliburton's reputation as a disaster and conflict industry innovator," said Wolf. "Just as the Black Plague led to the Renaissance and the Great Deluge gave Noah a monopoly of the animals, so tomorrow's catastrophes could well lead to good—and industry must be ready to seize that good."

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