Sunday, October 25, 2009

"You want me to watch a drunk rodeo clown and not my long-legged FOX hotties?

FBI Tells Americans to Watch FOX News & Glenn Beck for REAL NEWS

"Uhhhh, uhhh.... FOX is a news channel? Damn, I dun thought my cable company made a mistake and was giving me a soft core porn channel for free!!

"But you say it's an actual news channel and the FBI says I should watch Glenn, the rodeo clown and alcoholic? Why? I'd much rather watch the morning news on FOX where they always have a hot-lookin' blonde babe siting front and center with a skirt hiked up so high you can almost see her.... And the camera guy always points the lens right at her thighs so me and millions of others like me can fondle our crotch and fantasize about hot sex with some gorgeous smokin' hot blonde who would just do ANYTHING to please me and wouldn't say anything about my beer gut that's the size of Buick or my slovenly appearance.

Glenn Beck Giving Out Solid News on FOX


"No, those FOX hotties on the morning show are for us forgotten American males and I'll be damned if I'm gonna trade in those honey's for some loud-mouth clown."

The FBI Tells Americans to Watch Fox News, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh for REAL NEWS


  1. Oh yes, Faux news … G_D’s chosen network and watch out for those evil muslims!

    Don't think I've ever watched beckenstein for more than two mins. His evil smirky face gave me the creeps to change the channel quickly.

  2. Beck's definitely weird. I don't know if he's just a clownish turd floating around in Sir Rupert's toilet bowl or he actually believes what he's saying.

  3. Here's a females view on beck; he looks like a big chubby 5th grader in a suit, it's like watching Baby Huey. Comical! I have never listened to him without laughing! Does it looks like he even shaves? No! He is compensating!


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