Monday, February 1, 2010

The CIA Spooks in our College Classrooms

College tuition a bit steep? Have no fear, as the CIA is here to fund your son or daughter's odyssey into higher academics.

Learn how to subvert democratically elected governments, fund opposition parties, overthrow leaders we don't like and how to get your hands dirty by using the always reliable 'jetliner explodes in midair.'

Your son or daughter will travel the world, go to exotic places and kill people they've never met, all to the rising strains of the "Star Spangled Banner!"

The 'best of the best' will be selected for homeland duty, making sure our democracy stays firmly in the hand of the wealthy elite thru sabotage, rigged elections, helping 'suicide' those we deem extremist and by pulling off the occasional 'false-flag.'


Welcome to the Intelligence Community Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE) Program

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) IC Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE) Program Office establishes long term partnerships with Academia for the IC to help meet the requirements articulated in the authorities.

Providing competitively awarded grants to universities to establish programs in national security studies through their unique disciplines of study will create a new diverse talent pool from which the intelligence community can recruit.

All universities:

Develop or enhance curriculum to build the skill sets needed in the IC professions

Conduct pre-collegiate outreach in their geographic regions

Host a colloquium with consortium universities to heighten IC issues and careers

Send at least ten "IC Scholars" abroad to obtain language and cultural awareness or immersion experiences

Provide end of grading period reports for oversight and compliance of all program requirements
And more:

In the past 4 years 22 universities across the U.S. have quietly taken the CIA’s dollars and agreed to become spy-factories for student spooks

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