Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can you donate some money to these poor, starving bankers?

Please, give and give some more until it hurts. If you were counting on retiring at age 65 on your pension that you had paid into for 40 years, then put those selfish thoughts aside as the downtrodden like JP Morgan CEO Jamie Diamond, who only raked in a mere 17 million in 2009. Let me repeat that, 17 million! Why, the man must be begging on street corners for food!
Surely you can donate some of your hard earned money to this noble enterprise to help keep Mr. Diamond out of the poor house?

And Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein? He's barely scraping by on that measly 9 million made last year. Word is that he's put up one of his six mansions for sale. Oh, the horrors. So you selfish ones who worked all your lives, scraping by and doing without to feed your family and put a roof over their head? Take out a mortgage on your paid for house and donate some to this noble cause!

Or the downtrodden former GS CEO and US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson? That poor soul was not only able to survive the Watergate scandal that brought down his boss in the Nixon WH, he went on to save a little money, just a mere 700 million. That ghastly sum must mean Hank and his family shop at the Salvation Army thrift store.

The enduring Mr. Paulson struggled on valiantly, and was able to convince the SEC and Congress to drop the requirements that banks like Goldman Sachs not be required to hold reserve capital while placing bets at the Wall Street Casino.
What vision! What foresight and now, this man has to scrape by on 700 million?

Recent Photo of Mr. Paulson, Showing His Gaunt Frame, Due to Lack of Sustenance


We must give, give until it hurts to help these poverty stricken individuals!

After all, where would we be without Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and other benevolent institutions like the IMF and World Bank?
The Greeks Get It By Chris Hedges

Here's to the Greeks. They know what to do when corporations pillage and loot their country. They know what to do when Goldman Sachs and international bankers collude with their power elite to falsify economic data and then make billions betting that the Greek economy will collapse. They know what to do when they are told their pensions, benefits and jobs have to be cut to pay corporate banks, which screwed them in the first place. Call a general strike. Riot. Shut down the city centers. Toss the bastards out. Do not be afraid of the language of class warfare-the rich versus the poor, the oligarchs versus the citizens, the capitalists versus the proletariat. The Greeks, unlike most of us, get it.

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  1. Hello,

    Good article. For me its very simple, this is a war between the very rich and the average person. We have sleep-walked into a situation where after 9/11 the general public (around the world and especially in the west) are made to fear 'fake' threats and submit their freedom to the rich in exchange for protection.

    But yet that is not enough for these blood sucking elite, they want to imprison the entire nation into slaves to serve the elite.

    The question is, how long are we going to pretend that 'nothing' is wrong?


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