Wednesday, January 5, 2011

30,000 Pentagon Auditors Still Can't Find That Missing 2.3 TRILLION

In a hearing of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, Senator McCaskill makes clear that for a government agency, accountability starts at the top and wonders why the Pentagon has 30,000 auditors that can't seem to find where some of OUR missing money went.

Sen. McCaskill Rips DCAA on Audit Accountability

And more of OUR money 'missing.'
CorpWatch : Billion Dollar Audit Missed by Pentagon Watchdog

Military auditors failed to complete an audit of the business systems of an Ohio-based contractor even though it had billed for $1 billion worth of work over the last four years, largely done in Afghanistan. Immediately after this fact came to light at a public hearing of the bi-partisan Commission on Wartime Contracting, the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) scrambled to dispatch an extra ten staff to catch up on the job.

DCAA has oversight over half a trillion dollars of taxpayer money every year.

DCAA management has drawn fire in the last two years for giving military contractors a clean bill of health and ignoring serious problems in corporate financial systems spotted by lower ranked staff.

Whistleblowers have charged that instead of actively pursuing waste, fraud, and abuse, the top ranks of DCAA were obsessed with signing off on as many audits as possible in the shortest period of time. DCAA management has also been accused of harassing and intimidating staff who have spoken out.
Mission Essential(MEP)

Run by Zionists, Jews and Israeli-Firsters, like Chief Financial Officer: Michael Jakobowski, CPA, whose background includes time spent with one of the more corrupt Wall Street auditing firms, Price Waterhouse, that helped their buds at JP Morgan, TYCO and Lucent 'cook the books.'

Claire, too bad you didn't ask about this:

Rumsfeld Says 2.3 Trillion Missing From Pentagon on 9/10/01

Most of those killed in the office, called Resource Services Washington, were civilian accountants, bookkeepers and budget analysts, trying to find out what happened to that 'missing' 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS that was stolen from the American public.

But the director, Robert Jaworski, wasn't in the office that day! Gosh, how lucky for him!!!

'Lucky' Jaworski missed this 9/11 Zionist 'Party Favor'

Pic of 757 Pentagon blast hole


Wonder where all that money MADOFF to?

Maybe it grew wings like a 'DOV' and flew away?

OOOPS, another trillion dollars of OUR money goes 'missing!

In 2003, Pentagon announces another trillion dollars missing in financial transactions, not to mention dozens of tanks, missiles and planes.

If you add up these thefts of OUR money from the Pentagon; all those trillions those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street banks stole from us and all that money the Federal Reserve steals each year from 'We the People,' under the guise of calling it interest for the privilege of obrrowing OUR OWN MONEY since 2001, you'd come up with a figure around 14 TRILLION dollars, which is about the size of the official amount of debt we've been suckered into, all covered and hidden behind Zionist MSM tales of 'al CIA Duh' boogiemen ready to jump out from behind a BUSH and slit our throats.


Not unless you believe in Santa Claus.


  1. found this -


  2. Greg,

    Others have made guesses, but the 2.3 trillion was absolutely NEVER part of the Defense Department. That's more money than they have.

    So here's the best guess:

    It really WAS Dov Zacheim's money! Snoop agency money has been funnelled through the DoD since 1949 per Harry Truman's order.

    The Federal Reserve makes a near-infinite sum of money available to the CIA, NSA and... you can bet... Israel. They have to wash it through like the Interior Dept or Treasury or SOMEWHERE but it's for the screws, not us. We just have to cover their losses, which, as even the dumb-as-posts are starting to discover, is exorbitant.

    A patriot wrote a paper that is online and the first part explains how it came about quite logically. The potential for abuse was so amazingly obvious that you wonder how deeply blackmailed "our politiCIAns" were as far back as '49.

    "The Black Budget Report: An Investigation into the CIA’s ‘Black Budget’ and the Second Manhattan Project" --

  3. The Federal Reserve makes a near-infinite sum of money available to the CIA, NSA and... you can bet... Israel

    And 'black-budget' ops and those crazy DARPA 'Star Trek' type of weapons.

    And a lot gets laundered thru Zionist banks around the world, then funneled back into the USA so Israel can buy up MSM outlets and corrupt our already corrupted DC whores and fund all those 'think tanks,' like AEI to help further poison our minds.

  4. not saying i know or don't know.......but that YOU don't wanna know were that money went to build some........i mean were it wouldn't matter if the general public knew...its too late now this case for most ignorance is bliss.

  5. ops, off radar operations, tech gadgets....were talking a couple billion at most over a few years......were talking about your eyes, new secret denver airport base, new bunker built in corner of white house property although the current shelter directly under is still in tact...why the new corner lot multi-thousand square foot shelter???.....current one not good enough???.....its right in front of your eyes....dont watch the the news people...the real stories are passed under our very noses. The government knows something big we dont...and has been frantically collecting and withdrawing money from reserves in a very short and rushed time what you must now...cause when it happens...everyone but the corrupt government will be left behind in the wake.


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