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What's With the NWO Weirdness at the Denver International Airport?

WARNING: Not for the feeble minded or those who actually read the 'National Enquirer,' or listen to Lady 'GAG GAG' or Justin Bieber

One of the Denver International Airport (DIA) murals. This is supposed to 'welcome' passengers and give them a feeling of 'peace, harmony and nature?'
Looks more like it was designed to give people nightmares.


Yes, images of dead people and a city on fire would definitely give me a feeling of 'peace.'


I flew into the former Denver airport, Stapleton, several times back in the late 1980's and early 1990's and even though there was a significant amount of plane traffic, landing and taking off from Stapleton wasn't delayed.

Getting around Stapleton on foot and into and out in a vehicle was easy, and it was a helluva lot closer to Denver than the new one, so why did they need to 'improve' on something that worked decently?
By land size, at 53 square miles (140 km2), it is the largest international airport in the United States, and the third largest international airport in the world after King Fahd International Airport and Montréal-Mirabel International Airport. Runway 16R/34L is the longest public use runway in the United States.
What's All This Weirdness Mean?

I don't know for sure, but I do know that the PTB have WAY too much control over our lives and WAY too much money to help consolidate that control. Maybe DIA is just their way of letting us know who's really in charge and it sure as hell ain't 'We the People.'

No 'NWO' building would be complete without the Masonic symbol.


Denver International Airport New World Order Mural

Jesse Ventura - Secret Underground 2012 Base at Denver Airport

And this video is really out there.

Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory: A Documentary

Part 1 of A Documentary that I made on the many odd happenings in and around Denver Airport, Colorado.
Explains the meanings of the murals, symbology around the airport and what's going on underneath the airport, as well as around it.


Denver International Airport is a building surrounded by mystery and intrigue.

Denver International Airport (DIA) has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories since it’s opening in 1995.

Many investigators have directly questioned airport officials in an attempt to dispel the myriad of rumours – officials however have been reported to be evasive and secretive which has fuelled the conspiratorial fires.

In this article, a number of the DIA’s “oddities” along with conspiracy theories surrounding them have been outlined.

The Construction of DIA

Many have questioned the unorthodox approach to the construction of the airport.
Usually, a main contractor will run a construction project from start to finish, with sub-contractors being hired in to complete specialised packages of work (steelwork, electrics, plumbing). On DIA however, main contractors and sub contractors were hired to carry out small packages of works only, then dismissed from the site.

Many have speculated that this was a tactic to ensure that no construction worker saw the full scale of the construction.

Five large buildings were fully constructed and subsequently deemed to have been positioned incorrectly – unusually, they were buried and the current airport constructed on top of the “incorrect” structures.

The cost of the project over-ran significantly, from $1.5 billion to $5.3 billion.

The layout of the airport from an aerial view, appears to have been designed in a shape resembling a swastika – synonymous with the Nazi party – it should be noted however that the swastika symbol may not necessarily be sinister, the symbol is over three thousand years old and has been used by many cultures to represent life, the sun, power, strength and good luck.

Underground base

Phil Schneider was an ex-governmental geologist who turned whistleblower on many covert operations. During a series of high profile lectures, he revealed that in the last year of DIA construction, the underground levels of the airport were connected to a vast eight level deep underground base.

Mysterious Cracked Plane Windshields

In February 2007, aviation authorities were investigating why at least fourteen plane windshields cracked.

On Friday 16/02/07 – during 50 mph winds, eight planes that were taking off or landing at the airport experienced severely cracked windshields.

On the same day, three air-borne aircraft and three stationary aircraft experienced the same phenomenon.

Mystery Surrounding DIA Art and Sculpture


In the great hall within DIA, is a mounted capstone (containing a time capsule)- in the centre is a Masonic square and compass symbol and the wording beneath reads “New World Airport Commission”, investigation into this organisation indicates that it is peculiar to DIA alone – formed by private funders and local businessmen around the airport. It caught public attention because of the similarity to the “New World Order”


DIA has drawn much media attention due to a number of bizarre murals which adorn the walls around the terminal.

The images are of course a matter of subjective explanation, however, even at a quick glance, they present a visibly disturbing social commentary.

One set of three murals, entitled “Children of the World Dream of Peace” contains the following images :
The first mural depicts a scene of genocide, death, harsh social control – there is an image of a Nazi styled gun wielding, gas masked alien figure, spearing the dove of peace on the end of a machete – surrounded by women carrying dead babies.
In one corner of the Mural – is an copy of a poem, known to have been written by a child who died in a German concentration camp

In the second mural, weapons are being handed, by children, to a German boy who is shaping them into (what has been interpreted to be) agricultural tools.

The third mural depicts a time of peace, where bizarrely (only) children are gathered around a “new messiah” offering (what has been interpreted to be) a plant with “magic” mind bending qualities.
DIA's weird symbols: MKULTRA Project?

With all this weirdness in Denver, it's no wonder the Broncos have turned into a 3rd rate team.



  1. Jews Fascination with Feces...

    My G_D, I'm pooping already in my pants seeing those pics!! Don't know if I can make it to the airport. Raping "rabbits" like their victims young, so I am sort of safe from that perspective!

    You're absolutely right Greg, I see those pictures as worse nightmares. Gas masks, nazi innuendos, creepy alien and baby Jesus pic ... yikes!

    Speaking of nightmare, lord blankenstein is immune from nightmares.
    Goldman Sachs boosts pay for Blankfein, 4 others

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has more than tripled the salary of CEO Lloyd Blankfein to $2 million, and also granted raises to four other top executives.

    The investment bank said in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing on Friday that its board's compensation committee set the new base salary for Blankfein, effective Jan. 1. His previous salary had been $600,000.


  2. Goldman Sachs boosts pay for Blankfein, 4 others

    Just a 'coincidence' that they released that news during the time of upheaval in Egypt?


    If us indolent, apathetic and plump Americans want to see Democracy in action, they need to look East, towards the Land of the Pharaohs.

    30 years of being ruled by a corrupt, venal, sadistic and narcissistic tyrant, who lived like a King, letting his family, friends and cronies take most of Egypt's wealth for themselves, then letting a few crumbs fall off the table for the starving poor was enough for the brave and principled people of Egypt.

    They also tired of seeing their family membes, relatives and friends being snatched off the streets, tossed in some hell hole prison, held without charges or taken to some hidden facility and tortured to death by Mubarak's secret police

    What's Israel's bitch, the USSA, going to do if the corrupt WH, State Dept and Congress can't keep Israel surrounded with Zionist stooges?

    One of the phrases being shouted in Egypt during these protests is "Muslims, Christian, we're all Egyptians."

    Can you imagine something like that happening in the land of Glenn Beck; Bill o'LIElly, Hannity and Sarah Palin?

    I can't.

  3. If you think that's weird

  4. You may find this, shall we say, interesting ;o)
    "Denver International Airport conspiracy? Look, art is just art!"


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