Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FUCK the Royal Family and their wedding

Didn't we kick these welfare mooching Rothschild agents out of the USA back in 1776?

Then why all the 'oohing and awwing' over a couple of inbreds getting married?

These world-class con artists cost the Brit taxpayer around 250 MILLION a year and they have unlimited access to over 5 BILLION dollars worth of toys to play with, like castles, estates, jewelry, limos, private jets etc.

These blood sucking pick-pockets are billionaires several times over, wealth that has been stolen from the Brits over centuries of rule, so let them finance their own parties.

Yes, it's good to be the King, but keep these money loving Mammonists where they belong, in the Tower of London awaiting the executioner's axe, and not drooling over the thought of all that free caviar and rare French wine that will be supplied by British peasants for their wedding.


  1. Fuck it. Let the idiots eat cake.

  2. Good to see you back Greg and that you haven't lost your edge.

    Our own royal family spends a lot of our money too. How many vacations in the last two years? What about that 3 mile 'near miss' of a C-17 on Michelle and Jill's 737 flight back from appearing on 'the View.' That was a necessary expense I suppose and I didn't even get my money's worth as I missed the show.

  3. nicely said mr squad,all these king queen types everywhere are all just ponces,anybody who feels the need to have at least 5 pairs of knives and forks to eat the dinner with is suffering some sort of inbred psychosis I would say,

    anyway respects ..neil

  4. Hey Greg welcome back. Not all of the crown subjects (as the sheep in CCTV land are known) love the Lizard Queen. This is an article from Mike James. He’s English but I still like him.

    It seemed apt in light of the title of this article (grin)

  5. Hey Greg,...A welcome return to the barricade: You can't walk down the street in rothschalia without being confronted with bunting and billboards advertising some shyte or other on Talmudvision or in a women's magazine gushing with distraction babble about those two davidic yids: Middleton's mum's name is goldsmith, as we all know yiddishness is proved by maternal dna! Of course the "royal pundits" (wtf is a royal pundit?) have stated that kate is not yiddish, as if this makes it all good, considering the old german mare that does English Queen impersonations recently announced that her bloodline is Davidic,(she means khazarian), I guess she thinks this will make her appear closer to God in the eyes of the English welfare-class, that are about to get thumped in the keister with the invoice for this pagan fuck-fest.

    nice to see you at it again...


  6. Chortling at Veritas' succinct description of the event. He certainly does not mince words!

    Nor do you Greg, and ~ oh! btw ~ welcome back. Now it is my turn, just coming in every day for a short time due to a family situation....

    We can call it whatever we want, however, to TPTB there is a lot of significance to this pagan fest and, by participating, (IE reading, watching, crying over, caring about her hats, etc) we are adding power to the intended ritual.

    This is more than just another financial burden on the peons, it is a ritual of some sort. I will check into that. They do NOTHING without checking out the times down to the millisecond.

    William has deep importance to these cretins, it has been shown time and time again. Diana was only sucked in to breed him then spat out when she began to leak a few ugly truths. Everything about her was ritual right down to the exact date and spot of her assassination.

    There is, as always with these scuzzbuckets, more to this than what we see on the tube etc...

    Personally, I have ignored it all from the very beginning, still am, but I suppose it is time to look into the real game going on...

  7. Though it has been reported on numerous occasions in the msm that interest is low in the marriage of the two freaks, that does not impede the non-stop coverage.

    Good thing I don't watch much tv

  8. You do realize that video you imbeded is pro-royalty right?


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