Monday, June 6, 2011

"It was more important for Giuliani find the gold than it was to continue to find and recover remains."

Giuliani Gets Exposed As Fraud by Firefighters

This video documents the mayor's lack of respect for the fallen when he called off the recovery effort at Ground Zero on Nov. 1, 2001.

"They got their gold,” many in the crowd shouted as union officials delivered speeches. Firefighters and police had been assigned earlier in the week to remove tons of gold bricks that had been stored in a basement vault of the World Trade Center. Protesters complained that the recovery of these assets, which were loaded onto Brink’s armored cars, was one of the city’s principal aims, while finding the remains of their fallen comrades was viewed to be of little importance.
The REAL 9/11 Perps Were More Concerned with Recovering their 'bling' than Finding the smashed remains of the NYFD fireifghters
After November 2, 2001, when the gold and silver from the Bank of Nova Scotia are found at the WTCC. 'America's Mayor' orders that the number of NYFD firefighters looking for the remains of their comrades be reduced from 300 to just 25.

Giuliani Reduces Number of Firefighters at Ground Zero

Following Recovery of Gold New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani angers firefighters when he decides to severely reduce the number of them that can search for remains at Ground Zero. Until now, up to 300 firefighters at a time have been involved in the search and recovery effort. Giuliani’s decision will mean no more than 25 at a time can do so in future. So far, the bodies or remains of 101 firefighters have been recovered, out of the 343 who died at the World Trade Center on 9/11. According to the IAFF, the mayor refuses to even meet with local union presidents about the decision.

The firefighters believe that the city went to a 'scoop and dump' policy because they were in a rush to retrieve gold.
Why Were LARGE Amounts of Gold and Silver Removed from Beneath the WTC on the morning of 9/11 BEFORE any jets had hit the 'Twins?'
(Before 9:59 a.m.) September 11, 2001: Gold Transported Through WTC Basement

Large amounts of gold are stored in vaults in the massive basement below the WTC, and some of this is being transported through the basement this morning. Several weeks later, recovery workers will discover hundreds of ingots in a service tunnel below WTC 5, along with a ten-wheel lorry and some cars (which were, presumably, transporting the gold). The lorry and cars had been crushed by falling steel, but no bodies will be reported found with them, so presumably they were abandoned before the first WTC collapse, at 9:59 a.m. [New York Daily News, 10/31/2001; London Times, 11/1/2001]

Huge Amounts of Gold and Silver were Moved out of the WTC complex right BEFORE 9/11

A gold heist spiriting precious metals from the basement of the World Trade Center by rail up to Canada was taking place before the attack (New York Times, 11/1/ 01)

Bush and the gang wanted the GOLD on 911

Evidence of a mini-nuke used at the WTC?
(September 25, 2001 and after): Ground Zero Workers Find Compressed Floors and Shattered Core Columns of WTC.
Two weeks after 9/11, engineers Pablo Lopez and Andrew Pontecorvo are walking in the B2 basement level at the ruins of the World Trade Center, towards where the North Tower stood. They discover a “solid, rocklike mass where the basement levels of the tower had been,” and see “the recognizable traces of twenty floors, very much like geologic strata revealed by a road cut, compressed into a ten-foot vertical span.

At some later time, ironworker Danny Doyle, who is also working at Ground Zero, finds that floors of the South Tower have been compressed into a formation like what happened with the North Tower’s. He discovers “a distinct mound of debris set into the pile, about six feet high, with strands of wire and pieces of rebar sticking out. It looked like layers of sediment that had turned into rock and been lifted up on some mountainside.… Here were ten stories of the South Tower, compacted into an area of about six feet.”
9/11: WTC sub-level explosions

GHOULiani has made an immense fortune by using the 9/11 tragedy to turn himself into a multi-millionaire.

"America's Mayor?" More like one of America's 9/11 Mass Murderers.

The 9/11 official conspiracy theory debunked. With a peer-reviewed scientific journal having published "loaded gun" (i.e. unreacted nano-thermite) evidence finally proving beyond doubt that World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2 and 7 were brought down in a series of controlled demolitions, here are a few clues as to the identity of the perpetrators. For further information, please see the accompanying article It Wasn't Muslims.


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