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More Zionist BS: " My Trip To Al-Qaeda," by Lawrence Wright

My Trip To Al-Qaeda, by Lawrence Wright (Part 1 - 9)

I watched Wright's 'trip' and it was just more Zionist psyops designed to inflame Americans so they'll keep supporting these 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' for decades.

Wright conveniently forgot to mention some truths, like the fact that the Taliban offered to turn over BL if the USA would do two things: One was to produce evidence that BL was actually behind 9/11, evidence that then Secretary of State Powell said was forthcoming in a 'White Paper,' which the Bush Administration vehemently denied the next day they had the evidence. The second was that BL had to be turned over to a neutral, 3rd country so he'd get a FAIR trail. Imagine that, those 'crazed' jihadists asking for a fair trial from the USA.

Wright also forgot to mention that the FBI NEVER listed BL as being wanted for 9/11 on their "Most Wanted Terrorists" web site because they DIDN'T have the evidence.

He never spoke of the threats made before 9/11 to Afghanistan that if they didn't agree to the oil company Unocal's demands about running an oil pipeline thru Afghanistan, the USA would bomb them back to the Stone Age.

And Mr. 'Wrong,' what about 60% of the 9/11 Commission members now saying the investigation was a fraud, since the WH lied to the commission; refused docs they asked for and that the Executive Director, Zelikow, wrote out a basic outline and synopsis of what the report wold look like 13 months before the report was due, but marked it "Top Secret" and wouldn't let the majority of the commission members see the report because feared they might think the 'fix was in.'

He never explained why the Bush-Cheney Junta fought any investigation into 9/11 and when the public outcry got to be so loud and they gave in, they set a short time from for the investigation; gave them a meager budget and that 'Junior' and the world's biggest DICK, Cheney, would only agree to appear if it was behind closed doors; that no notes or recordings would be allowed and that they BOTH had to appear together... Why, so DICK could keep 'Junior' from spilling the actual TRUTH?

Or that on the day before 9/11, then Secretary of WAR, Rumsfeld, casually mentioned that at least 2.3 TRILLION dollars was 'missing' from the Pentagon. That should of been the leading story the next day, but it got buried in the 9/11 rubble.

He claimed that the story about Jews being warned ahead of 9/11 to get out of the WTC was just anti-Semitic, conspiracy nonsense, but 'forgot' to mention that the Israeli owned messaging service, Odigo, got a phone call two hours ahead of the attacks on the WTC telling them to get the hell out, which they did and that the Israeli owned shipping company, Zim, moved out one week before 9/11, losing 50K due to breaking the lease, but I guess that was better than losing their precious lives.

And Mr. 'WRONG,' what about those put options someone bet before 9/11 that airline stocks would crash, making them a cool 5 million? The SEC started to investigate the Jews who placed the bets, but were told to drop the investigation.

I could go on, but Mr, Wright, you've proven to the world you're just another draft-dodging Zionist stooge, doing the bidding of your war mongering buddies in the CFR and the Zionists and Neocons who were the real perps behind the 9/11 attacks.
Lawrence Wright boldly challenges NY audience with Israel-centric view of Gaza

If you want to know anything about what is really going on between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza or elsewhere, do not go to Lawrence Wright’s new play, “The Human Scale.”

I would love to see a play like this done from the Palestinian perspective. This play may work in NY with a brainwashed audience, but take it outside the US and it will be booed off the stage.
How They Get Away with False Flags and Mass Murder

"The Siege," starring Denzel Washington, a 1998 film Lawrence Wright co-wrote which tells the story of a terrorist attack in New York City that leads to curtailed civil liberties and rounding up of Arab-Americans.

Nearly three years before the WTC attacks inn September of 2001, an eerily prophetic film directed by Edward Zwick was released chronicling a network of underground terrorist activity that launches a series of bombings to devastate New York City in retaliation of a US military abduction by an Islamic Sheik leader. FBI agent Anthony Hubbard and CIA operative Elise Kraft team up to track down the terrorist cells but are hindered when the President declares a state of martial law under the command of General William Devereaux.

A movie like this is what's called 'preconditioning,' a psychological term to condition, train and accustom in advance your subject(s) to get them ready for say, the 9/11 FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB.

Hollywood knows a lot about 'preconditioning,' since its been putting poison into American minds about Muslims and Arabs for decades.

Cults: The Wave - Part 1

1981 - Based on the real experience of a high school class in Palo Alto, CA in April 1967, whose teacher wanted to explain the rise of the Nazi party to his students.

Planet of The Arabs

Wright's movie, "The Siege,' is full of psyops, showing the enraged Muslim(s) threatening 'jihad' and not worrying about death, since in Heaven Allah will provide him with 72 virgins.

Sound familiar?

"You Can Trust Me, I'm a Member of the Council of Foreign Relations!"

Wright is a member of that "War is Good, Double Good!" outfit, the CFR which recently sent one of their members, Hollywood celeb Angelina Jolie to alleged Syrian refugee camps that are supposed to be in Turkey.

As pointed out in the blog, Penny for your thoughts: Turkish "refugee" camps: fenced and tarp covered. No reporters allowed,"
I have made mention of the fact that Turkey will NOT allow media into the so called refugee camps in Turkey.
Oh, well my bad, let me correct that. They let a limited number enter with the "Angel"....Angel of destruction that is. Angelina, CFR, Jolie....

Let's read how heavily the camps are guarded and hidden

The Syrians are being housed in Turkish Red Crescent camps. Technically, they entered Turkey illegally, so the camps are fenced and they are not free to come and go.

But, it's the next part that's more bothersome. The entire fenced perimeter of each camp is covered with tarps.

We can't see in, they can't see out.
So what is really behind those fenced in, hidden and heavily guarded camps? Refugees or is NATO amassing equipment of troops for an invasion of Syria?

Time to WTFU America, Before it's Too Late

9/11 was a FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB pulled off by elements of the FBI and CIA; the WH & Pentagon and ISRAEL.

If you don't understand that by now, I feel sorry for your kids, because your ignorance is condemning them to a lifetime of slavery and poverty.

The FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 gave those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street gangsters the cover it needed to steal trillions and wreck the world's economy.

That's a TERRORIST event we may never recover from.

While state sanctioned propaganda outlets like the NYT, FOX and CNN were telling lies non-stop about Muslim jihadists who wanted to kill us because they 'hate our freedoms,' the REAL terrorists on Wall Street wrecked this nation.



  1. Tellin' it like it is!!

    Very interesting post. I totally forgot about The Siege. Time to turn off the TV folks!

  2. Hey GB,...I have been putting up different Top of Page quotes every couple of days that I feel are important or poignant:

    "9/11 was a FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB pulled off by elements of the FBI and CIA; the WH & Pentagon and ISRAEL. If you don't understand that by now, I feel sorry for your kids, because your ignorance is condemning them to a lifetime of slavery and poverty."

    This is my new Top of Page quote; excellent article: Appropriate accreditation of course.


  3. This story is PUBLISHED at 911NewsCentral.com. Link: http://bit.ly/mtKC6u Follow us on facebook: http://bit.ly/iIiTqT Exchange banners with us: http://bit.ly/iIiTqT Thank you!

  4. This story is PUBLISHED at 911NewsCentral.com. Link: http://bit.ly/mtKC6u Follow us on facebook: http://on.fb.me/lFAyVs Exchange banners with us: http://bit.ly/iIiTqT Thank you!

  5. wow, that planet of the arabs is really shocking and apalling.

    I don't know what the vast majority of those movies are because they don't look like my kind of movies.

    I am a believer in garbage in/garbage out. Whether it is what you put in your body or your brain.

    So I try to stay away from ultra violent crap

  6. and thanks for the link over Greg

  7. Hey Greg,

    Muzzies are coming .. they are gonna impose sharia law as soon as they get off their magic carpets! You have to change your last name from "Bacon" to "Kabob"!! Muzzies will make your dog wear burqa!

    There is still some time left, you know ... all you have to do is call The American Center for Law and Justice. The operators are standing by, you'll be specially greeted by pat jabberson as he is the dickhead opps mastermind behind ACLJ. pat & others jews will fight the good fight 4U!!

    Saw ACLJ's infomercial tonight accidently, starring the biggest porn star of jewish causes - john bolton. There were other clowns as well but I was so angry at the moment, I flipped it to a different channel. After calming down a little bit, I went back to find out more but by that time the infomercial was over.

    I had to stop at "fair & balanced" faux news and there he was; Jay Alan Sekulow - the host of that infomercial! Running his mouth off on the "balanced" network on what he does best.

    (Jay Alan Sekulow was raised Jewish, but converted to Christianity in college and now considers himself a Messianic Jew.)


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