Saturday, December 24, 2011

US Offers $10 million for 'al-CIA-Duh' financier

U.S, officials released this photo of the man providing terror groups world-wide with money. His code name is 'Big Ben.'

WASHINGTON — The United States on Thursday established a reward of up to $10 million for information leading to 'Big Ben,' accused of operating from a secure, undisclosed underground bunker as a facilitator and financier for 'al CIA Duh.'

The bounty is the first offered for an 'al CIA Duh' financier and is aimed at disrupting a financial network that has operated world-wide since 1914, said Eytan Fisch, a senior Treasury Department official.

Robert Hartung, a senior State Department official, said that under an agreement between 'al CIA Duh' and the governments of Israel, England and the USA, 'Big Ben' had helped move money and recruits through Israel into neighboring countries.

The U.S. Treasury Department in July blacklisted 'Big Ben' and five other members of his network, exposing what the United States says are direct links between Tel Aviv and the 'al CIA Duh' network.

"He is a dedicated terrorist working in support of a financial network with the support of the big banks in New York City and London," Hartung said.
Source: Zionist News Network

Now for what the Zionist owned MSM calls news about 'al CIA duh.'
New evidence links Iran to terror group

U.S. officials tell NBC News that there is new evidence that Iran may be supplying goods to the terror group that U.S. intelligence officials consider to be the most dangerous threat to the United States -- al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

Over the weekend, the Indian Navy intercepted a ship -- the MV Nafis-I -- off the coast of Mumbai. Indian sailors found several weapons (including a few AK-47s and a pistol), but mostly just food and supplies on board. The ship had a crew of several Yemeni nationals, along with at least one Somali, and several others from other nearby African countries.

A U.S. official says that the ship left Iran several days ago and that U.S. assets tracked the ship as a "vessel of interest" for a few days and then provided information to the Indian Navy so they could intercept it.
"New evidence links Iran to terror group?" What evidence? I don't see any, but I do see propaganda.

A few AK-47's and a pistol? Hell, I've got more firepower than that in my house, and many Americans have even more weapons than I posses.

Yes, Americans have a fixation with weapons to the point that its almost a fetish. Maybe one day we'll grow a pair and use them to kick out the international bankster gangster crowd like our ancestors did, instead of shooting at empty beer cans and driving around in your King Hell size 4WD pickup with that bad ass bumper sticker that says something about there's only one way you can get my weapon.

This is just another lead up to the planned 'Shocking and Awing' of a country that is NO threat to the USA, but which Israel wants destroyed and their minions on Wall Street are coveting Iran for their huge fields of oil and Natural Gas.


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