Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Perpetual Victim(s)

Whether it's the war mongering loonies in charge of Apartheid Israel doing their damndest to get another ME war going or some sick fuck who's been convicted of numerous counts of child rape, they both have something in common: They always bitch and moan when they get caught either murdering innocents or raping children, since those two horrible acts are NEVER their fault, it's always someone or something else that caused that twisted situation.

The Apartheid Israel psychos have been trying to get either NATO or its US lackeys to 'Shock and Awe' Syria, then Iran by using their vast MSM spiderweb to confuse the issues and hide the truth.
Whether its the lies told by a New York Times 'Tribe' member or just the daily does of BS, lies and hate that emanates from ZNN and that other sorry sack of shit, FOX.

So its no surprise that the latest foul odors coming from that SLC are designed to get our hate on, so we'll take out our frustation on another of Israel's 'enemies,' Iran.

Don't buy the hype.

Haven't we already murdered enough people since the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11?

BTW, Jerry, when you're in prison, bent over looking at your toes, see how much fun it is to be the catcher and not the pitcher.


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  1. Hi Greg,

    Why can't the greedy chosen thuglandians stay away from butting into our politics? We must be made out of of sugar & spice, naturally irresistible!

    Don't you love it when they bitch 'n moan about who makes the best friend of Israel?
    Israeli lawmaker: Obama is no friend of Israel
    A lawmaker from the Israeli prime minister's party is in the United States ahead of the presidential election and has said that President Barack Obama has "not been a friend of Israel."
    He says he is not interfering in the presidential race but merely stating his personal opinion. He has previously praised Mitt Romney.
    But his comments could be embarrassing to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been trying to shed accusations that he favors his longtime friend Romney in the race for the White House.


    Chosen Thuglandian puppet masters will replace one puppet with another, that's all. It doesn't matter weather it is Obombney or Romnbomba.

    We will remain as ultimate losers.


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