Sunday, June 9, 2013

Israeli Ass-Kisser 'Insane' McCain & the USS Liberty

John McCain Confronted About USS Liberty Cover-up Memorial Day 2012

Traitor McCain Gets Israeli Money to Visit Syria and Talk to Zionist Terrorists.

McCain is a bona fide traitor who should be in prison for the rest of his sorry-ass life, instead, he gets Big Money from his Talmud Terror Masters in Tel Aviv to be their war pimp.

One of the terrorist fronts 'Insane' McCain is in charge of is something called the "International Republican Institute" (IRI).

From Haiti, to Poland, to Egypt to Honduras and Yemen, there's no country these smug, arrogant assholes won't stick their gilded noses into, allegedly to bring democracy to a nation, when all they do is bring death and destruction.

IRI has offices all over the Middle East and Africa.

The IRI gets BIG money from AT&T, so don't look for 'Traitor' McCain to actually do his job and work for 'We the People' from being spied on 24/7.

There's also a 9/11 link at IRI, a sleaze bag called Randy Scheunemann.

McCain, besides committing war crimes in Vietnam, which he admitted to, also is handy at killing fellow Americans, as he did when he set off the fire on the USS Forrestal, killing 134 sailors.

McCain and the USS Forrestal fire, what the traitor McCain doesn't want you to know.

Former CIA agent tells: How US infiltrates "civil society" to overthrow governments

The International Republican Institute: Promulgating Democracy of Another Variety

In October 2003, an independent commission found that Israel's attack against the USS LIberty was a "deliberate attempt to destroy an American ship and kill her entire crew"

But did that news make it to the MSM. NO.

Here's the reason why the MSM ignores news that Americans need to know.

USS Liberty, "Dead in the Water"


  1. This is just a suggestion Greg but I think you could make this more clear to your readers if you referred to the Al McCainada/khazarwahabi cannibal army of Y-DNA, haplogroup E1b1b

  2. "AlMcCainada/khazarwahabi cannibal army of Y-DNA, haplogroup E1b1b" is what?

    There's very little to find on a search engine.


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