Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Chief Gangsters Behind the World's Misery--The Federal Reserve

Not only does the Fed steal money from Americans, they are behind much of the world's miseries, like bankrolling the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.

Americans pay over 450 BILLION a year to the criminal gangsters at the FED in the form of interest. That's money we pay to borrow our own money.

Which is an insane act of self-destruction, as we can never pay off the debt to the FED that keeps growing each year.

It's time to send the FED packing and use laws like RICO to take back all of the loot the FED has stolen from Americans since 1914. My guess is that would be enough to wipe out all of the governments debt.

Another gangster outfit, the ADL--which actually stands for "Another Damn Lie," protects the Jewish money making machine.
The ADL (Anti-Defamation League) is founded by Sigmund Livingston in response to the 1913 trial of Leo Frank. Frank is a Jewish factory manager in Georgia who raped and murdered a young female employee, and then tried to frame a black man for the crime. After being spared the death penalty, angry Georgians would later storm the prison and hang Frank themselves.

The ADL’s true purpose is to protect Rothschild’s criminal network from exposure. Anyone who dares to call attention to the workings of the New World Order, or The Federal Reserve Bank, will be denounced by the ADL as “anti-Semitic.”
William Cooper - The Ugly Truth About the Anti-Defamation League #1

Mr. Cooper predicted 9/11 months before that FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB hit America and for that, he was rewarded by getting murdered by government agents at his home.

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  1. Yeah I know Duff.

    Putin takes own water and food to London due to poisoning concerns.

    Says thermobaric weapons headed to Syria and SS-400s

    They won't be used on Isreal as long as they stay out of busting up Turkey and Jordan!

    Heading towards something big here.


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