Friday, October 4, 2013

JEW Parasite Strikes Again

The JEW parasite working its way into a Gentile skull

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The USA is beyond broke, with banker generated debt so enormous the only way left to go appears to be defaulting on the debt, with the international banking crowd swooping in to pick off choice pieces of real estate, like our national parks, as collateral for the phony debt they generated for their bottom line.

Yet we still give a tremendous amount of money and weaponry to Israel, like F-16 fighter jets and battle tanks. So what's Israel planning to do with out generosity?
Hold a 'garage sale' and sell off many of those assets. The ones Israel can't sell, will be sold off as scrap.
Israeli army is planning to sell second-hands Merkava main battle tanks and F-16 fighter aircraft.

Israel's military is planning to hold a bargain basement sale of aircraft, tanks and navy missile ships that are being made redundant under a revolutionary, multiyear program to restructure the Jewish state's armed forces to meet new challenges.

And if there are no takers for the weapons systems, including old-model Israeli-built Merkava main battle tanks and U.S. Lockheed Martin F-16 combat jets, they may be sold as scrap metal.

The program -- tagged "Teuza," Hebrew for boldness -- that was developed by the military chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, "will turn bases into sales lots for tanks, armored personnel carriers, warships, combat flight equipment, vehicle logistics accessories, cannons and air force ballistic systems," military writer Yoav Zitun reported on Ynet, the online outlet for the Yediot Ahronot newspaper.

Ynet said the main buyers are likely to be Latin American, Asian or African militaries, which still keep in service aging systems like these.
Israel currently has 77 F-16As in its inventory, along with 16 F-16Bs. These could be the jets that are slated for auction.
The U.S. underwrites some most of Israel's research and development of weapons, and has contributed significant amounts of money to Israeli defense projects such as the Merkava main battle tank and the IAI Lavi ground-attack aircraft.
Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of military assistance from the United States since World War II.

A good example of this generosity is the Israeli fighter jet 'Lavi,' which was a ripoff of the F-16. The Pentagon and several US manufacturers of fighter jets were opposed to the US funding this program, but that didn't matter, as Israel had lobbyists crawling all over Capitol Hill in December of 1983, buying off Senators and House members with the lure of money or sex, or just using good old blackmail to get Congress in line, which promptly did their Yiddish masters bidding.

The eventual cost to the American taxpayer of this ONE weapons program? Over 2 BILLION USD's.

Another devious way the Israeli JEW abuses our generosity is to take the weapons given to those nuclear-armed loonies, like missile, laser and aircraft technology and sell or trade the technology to our potential enemy, Communist China.

Like this example:
“We give them money to build stuff for themselves and the U.S. taxpayer gets nothing in return.”

Joel Johnson, a vice president at the Aerospace Industries Association of America.

"[In 2001] US surveillance planes flying along China's coast were threatened by Chinese fighter jets armed with Israeli missiles... Had Chinese fighter pilots been given the order to fire, they could have brought down the US planes with Israeli Python III missiles... US defense chiefs say Israel sold China the missiles without informing the United States."
Feel better now, knowing that Israel is selling off the gifts of thousands of tons of weaponry from 'Uncle Sucker?'

The traitors in Congress never tire of gifting Apartheid Israel with some of our newest weapons, using laws like the United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012, which provides the Government of Israel additional excess defense articles, as appropriate, in the wake of the withdrawal of United States forces from Iraq.

And the FOREIGN ASSISTANCE ACT OF 1961, which gets an update each year so OUR money and OUR weapons keep flowing unabated to the Zionist nightmare.

'Uncle Sucker' has given Israel over two TRILLION dollars in various forms of aid over the years, money that is sorely needed here at home.

If one would add in the rise of oil imported from the ME, that has risen so nations in the vicinity of Israel could buy weapons to defend against Israeli attacks into the equation, the real cost of our 'special relationship' with Israel would be trillions more.

Homeland Security Made in Israel


  1. I walked into a local Co-Op yesterday to buy dog food. As I was standing in line to pay, I heard the owner/cashier and a customer discussing the current financial problems in America, especially down here in one of TN's poorest counties.

    One guy said that Obama needed to go. I spoke up, "there isn't a hair's worth of difference between him and his predecessors.

    The owner looked at me and said, "especially that last sum bitch".

    He went on to say that every since he found out that the Bush Admin had done 911 (or let it be done, he clarified), I knew that this country was in trouble.

    I asked him if he knew that dual Israeli citizens ran the government.

    Now, I have been on this for years, especially the last two or three, so it was a surprise to hear an old country boy say it (FINALLY).

    It gives me some hope again.

    Oh yeah. Its obvious.

  2. Wow, if Americans in the Bible Belt are waking up to the Jew back-stabbers in DC, there is hope.

  3. I can relate to the story of a parasite. I'll use a member of my own family as an example. My brother kept nagging me about some music equipment I owned, so I said something about an amplifier he could have just to get him off my back. Later, he insisted I made a promise, which I did not do. Again, for the sake of peace of mind, I gave him the equipment.

    I found out a few years later, he sold it to a friend of mine.

    It was not enough that I lost out on something I worked hard to pay for and paying for expensive repairs as well. The argument was at my house and I ended up having to give him a ride home too, along with my equipment.

    Jews are like this. It is not enough that they get free money, hardware, and equipment, they want it delivered for free.

    Our family line is of Hispanic Sephardic Jewish origin. That might explain the greed and arrogance. Now I understand what my father was trying to tell me back then.


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