Friday, July 25, 2014


Does the depravity of these soulless ghouls know no limits?

The deliberate targeting of the UNRWA school where Palestinians, mostly women and children who had been told to evacuate their former residence were hiding, is another major war crime committed by the sadistic butcher Netanyahu, but will anyone hold this sick SOB to account?

NO, he will go on doing what he loves doing; butchering women and children in Palestine.

And the JEW BUTCHERS will keep slaughtering Palestinians like sheep, then blaming the victims for being so rude and trying to stop a 155 mm artillery shell by hiding in a location that the sadistic JEW BUTCHERS told their victims to hide.

Then lie about the massacre afterwards.


  1. If sanity ruled, every person in the world would be aware of the murderous actions these monsters are conducting.

    Generally, I do not wish harm on anyone. But these assholes need to be taken out.

    I see the remains of the children in Gaza, brains blown out of their heads and parents in the most personal emotional agony imaginable and then I see these fucks dancing and praying for murder and death... I would not have even winced had a rocket fell on those fucks and killed everyone of them.

    When it finally happens, for the entire world is now against Israel and the puppet stooge, America, it would not surprise me if that shithole is nothing but desert (I just hope they can keep from harming the ones being criminalized now).

    Israel, the Jews who support this atrocity (the vast majority of them), and even the silent ones who NEVER call out their leaders are all to blame for this.

    I hope their demise comes soon, for they have earned every bit of scorn and retribution that can be heaped upon them.

    These monsters do shit I would never dream of doing (would be impossible for me to do), but still want our respect and admiration (and to believe they are a peaceful, loving people).


  2. BM, every KC Star paper in the last five days has had a letter from some Jew sob artist crying about the poor Israeli's bravely...blah, blah, blah.

    Not one fucking letter from the Gaza side, even though I sent a "Letter to the Editor" they refused to print.

    Most Americans are too damn stupid too understand that the Jew has complete control of this nation and uses us like a cheap hooker.

    What a shitty mess.

  3. P.S In today's Star, I had to look for the story about the UN school getting hit by the IDF was buried on page 13.

  4. OMG...these guys are sooo sexy, they should star in gay porns. Obomba will buy 'em...dubya will buy 'em ....heck, even granma Betty will buy 'em to support those "oh-so-poor-G-D chosen" lot.

  5. "a fugitive (criminal) and a vagabond (homeless) shalt thou be in the earth".

    The wandering jew.......

    Gandalf the grey (Ian McKellan) self avowed jew homosexual and...

  6. They commit these atrocities and call themselves "The World's Most Moral Army". Since they do not consider the Gentile as a human being, as they are, it is kosher to kill a child.

    As I have said before and will say again, American Christians are complicate with the mass murder Israel does. I have a family member that gives to Israel.
    She is one of those Christians that has been caught up in legalism and life style.
    She does not drink or have so called vices and therefore is self righteous by virtue of so called "Clean Living". Her opinion on drugs is narrow and harsh. She said that laws must be enforced at any cost.

    I asked her "What happens when a innocent child is killed during a drug raid?". She gave no answer.

    Her attitude like so many other Christians in America are the reason Israel gets away with murder because they look the other way or make excuses.

    They are damned.


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