Sunday, August 24, 2014

What American 'Christians' Say About Gazans

“When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

Author Sinclair Lewis

Such love, understanding and compassion, which I believe was a major part of JC's new gospel of loving thy brother and feeding the hungry, tending to the sick and sheltering the homeless.

Why these 'Christians' have such a heart, they'd be the first in line to crucify JC again, if he came back to Earth one more time.

All over a "Letter to the Editor" at the "Augusta Chronicle," right in the heart of Bible Thumping country. JC must be proud of these kind of loving disciples, they really stir one's heart!

Here's part of the letter:
I am a retired U.S. Army officer. For 27 years in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, I served as a prosecutor, a defense attorney and an operational law attorney, among other roles. During that time I taught countless courses on the law of war and rules of engagement for use of force. So I think I know a war crime when I see it.

Far too often our leaders have turned a blind eye to mankind’s most heinous offenses, if committed by our own or our “allies.” We’ve overthrown governments and launched wars of aggression with impunity. The president even conceded recently that “we tortured some folks,” yet holds none accountable.

Now we dismiss Israel’s conduct in its latest attack on Gaza. But Israel cannot justify bombing civilian infrastructure and protected places – e.g., schools and hospitals. Merely warning noncombatants to evacuate, in order to bomb their homes, does not make it proportional or permissible under the law of war. Such acts are illegal and, above all, immoral.

But who will stop the Israeli juggernaut? Not the United States, which protects its own war criminals and mercenaries with all its might. Not Europe, now distracted by the havoc cranked up in Ukraine. And not the United Nations, which has been emasculated by the United States over the years....
Here's a sampling of those Christian voices:

•“Israel has killed 1,800 people, mostly civilians.’ And if they must, IN ORDER TO SURVIVE…then they should kill 1,000 times that number…”

• “-it’s at war. Israel being stronger militarily, could kill all 4.5 million Palestinians (Gaza and West Bank combined), women and children included and would be entirely justified in doing so… Sounds really good to me.”

• “Normal people would call that self-defense.”

• “As I said, if it’s them or us, then send them on their way. I’ll leave it to [others] to ruminate over what drove them to extinction.”

• “If Israel desired they could turn all of Gaza into a smoking hole in the ground but instead only a small number have been killed…I just saw a video of supposedly dead civilians under white sheets but the camera caught some of them moving around. They were fake dead people!”

• “…always mentioning the ‘women and children’ being killed, but those who know the TRUTH, know that’s on Hamas!! They’re using them as shields!!…with Hamas continuing this barbaric unprovoked assault on Israel, then I say Israel should bomb Gaza back into a large trash dump!!! That clear enough for you?”

• “War is the ultimate expression of shit happens.”

• “Israel efforts have gone far beyond any reasonable [sic] to avoid civilian casualties…”

• “Personally I would want my President to carpet bomb a 500 mile radius of Israel.”

• “It irritates the mess out of them, that Israel and America would actually defend themselves!”

• “If his wife and kids are killed, then that’s because he chose to put them there…this letter to the editor is nothing more than an anti-semite hate piece…it goes well beyond free speech.”

• “…people like this letter writer are the direct cause of many of the casualties…”

• “…we will soon be lost forever because we don’t have the GUTS that Israel has.”

• “We are blessed with tremendous technology and power; by the true God!!”

• “Yes, and it will only get worse until the Anti-Christ arrives on the scene and gains the support of the world promising peace…”

• "The irrational concepts expressed by the veteran compel me to recommend that she seek assistance from a mental health professional very soon."

Wow, such humanity, such warmth and you can really feel the love these 'Christian' are espousing.

I'm speechless.

Postnotes: Author Sinclair Lewis wrote some pretty amazing stuff, like "Elmer Gantry" in which Lewis exposed the fraud of religious extremists like the Pentecostals. Lewis was one, if not the greatest American author of the 20the Century.

It was made into a movie starring Burt Lancaster and is really worth watching.

Here's what these 'Christians' are supporting. So much warmth and humanity, think I'll puke.
The Goyim were only created to serve us. If that wasn’t the case they [Goyim] would have no place in the world.

…Jews earn eternal life in the days of the messiah. Goyim don’t. Like all people, they must die. But they earn long life. Why? Think about someone’s donkey. If it dies, he loses it, the money. The same with a servant [ or "the one who serves you"]. You also lose money [when he dies]. That’s why Goyim are given long life so they may work well for the Jews.

…Why do Goyim exist? So that they work [for Jews]. They thresh, they plant, they harvest, while we [Jews] sit like effendi and eat [our fill]. That’s why Goyim were created.

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