Sunday, November 16, 2014

After WW II, It Didn't Take Long for 'G-d's Chosen Ones' to Engage in Their Old Predatory Ways


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With the end of WW II, the Khazar infestation that had plagued Russia and Europe for century's was now headed to Palestine, to begin their torment of the indigenous people, the Palestinians, based on endless lies about that black magick number 6,000,000.
Black Market Center

From 1945 until 1950, when it was finally shut down, the British maintained Belsen as a camp for displaced European Jews. During this period it achieved new notoriety as a major European black market center. The "uncrowned king" of Belsen's 10,000 Jews was Yossl (Josef) Rosensaft, who amassed tremendous profits from the illegal trading. Rosensaft had been interned in various camps, including Auschwitz, before arriving in Belsen in early April 1945.

British Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Morgan, chief of "displaced persons" operations in postwar Germany for the United Nations relief organization UNRRA recalled in his memoir that under Zionist auspices there had been organized at Belsen a vast illegitimate trading organization with worldwide ramifications and dealing in a wide range of goods, principally precious metals and stones. A money market dealt with a wide range of currencies. Goods were being imported in cryptically marked containers consigned in UNRRA shipments to Jewish voluntary agencies ...
Explaining such inconvenient truths to the GOYIM made General Morgan the target of a vicious anti-Semite campaign, that eventually cost him his Chief of Operations for the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration job in postwar Europe.

The Jews sure seem to have a hard-on for the UN Relief agencies, witness the recent deliberate bombings by Israel of UNRWA buildings, filled with Palestinian refugees who had been ordered--by phone and leaflets--to leave their current building and seek refuge elsewhere, which the bat-shit crazy Jews then proceeded to bomb.

Judaism isn't a religion so much as it is front hiding the criminal activities of the 'Chosen Ones,' who practice with impunity crimes like fraud, drug dealing, murder of political figures in nations they've infested, mass murder of the indigenous Palestinians and outright theft of OUR government money. When anyone tries to run a story on these Talmud Terror Masters, their mouthpieces, like the ADL, start screaming 'anti-Semitism,' and since American GOYIM are so well trained, they immediately discount the true stories about the latest Jew crime wave.

Like this massive fraud, which is only a small tip of a gigantic Star of David shaped iceberg:

NY Family Accused of Taking Out $20 Million in Mortgages While Collecting Food Stamps

Twelve members of a single family were charged Thursday with lying to lenders to obtain more than $20 million in mortgage loans while claiming poverty to collect food stamps and other government benefits over the past decade in what federal authorities call "sweeping and cynical fraud."

An indictment unsealed in federal court in White Plains Thursday charged real estate developer Irving Rubin and his relatives with conspiring to commit bank fraud and conspiring to make false statements. It alleged that family members used the proceeds to pay their credit card debts and their own home mortgages and to fund other real estate projects.

"As alleged, the scheme carried out by the Rubins and others ripped off banks, welfare programs, and taxpayers," U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said. "It ranged from 2004 to 2014, from Brooklyn to Harlem to Orange County, and the individuals involved alternately played the parts of prince or pauper, depending on which scam was being perpetrated."
There are riots going on now in Hungary, with the anemic excuse that the 100,000 plus rioters are protesting a proposed internet tax.

Want to bet that the Jew banksters are really the ones behind this latest NWO terror, since Hungary recently got out of IMF debt and doesn't plan on taking on more and their government coins their own money, not using the debt-based con known as the Euro?

What's next, the Jew MSM pushing stories about Hungarian death camps and gas chambers?

Be careful Hungary and watch out for some sneak attack, like this, from the Talmud Terror Masters.

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