Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hate Monger Pam Gellar Again Attacks Muslims

What an empty, lonely, devoid of meaning life this Gellar must live, to fill out her meaningless days sowing hatred and fear into people's minds. If she was as concerned how her soul looked as she was her 60 yo body, she might be a decent person, but not until pigs start flying and Pamela learns that love doesn't come from a battery-powered device.

StLouis_6.13.15 photo StLouis_6.13.15_zps6csranri.jpg

Group at center of controversial 'draw Muhammad' contest erects billboards in St. Louis

The group that was attacked by armed assailants in Texas last month for sponsoring a contest to draw the prophet Muhammad, founder of the Islamic religion, has brought the debate to St. Louis, in the form of what it says are 100 roadside billboards.

The group, American Freedom Defense Initiative, erected the billboards in and around St. Louis as part of a campaign in several parts of the country. Pamela Geller, a conservative activist and the group’s president, said in a public statement that the billboards were a response to “media and the cultural and political elites’ ” refusal to show depictions of Muhammad.

Geller and her organization didn’t respond to emails Thursday seeking information about where the billboards are, and the claim of 100 of them in the area couldn’t be independently confirmed. But the Post-Dispatch did locate and visually confirm two of them Thursday.

One of the St. Louis-area billboards is on a desolate section of Banshee Road in Hazelwood, running alongside the airport, with no homes or businesses near it. Another, on the 8000 block of Airport Road in Berkeley, is standing among homes and businesses on the busy street.

That sign was torn and hanging halfway off the structure of the billboard Thursday. It was unclear whether it was torn by wind or vandalism — though area resident Donna Brady said she was certain it was the work of someone trying to “send a message” about the billboards.

“People take their religion very seriously. People die for their religion. That’s the bottom line,” said Brady, who was sitting on the front stoop of a home near the sign on Thursday. Though Brady is Baptist and has an image of a Bible tattooed on her forearm, she called the sign “offensive,” and expressed anger at the group that erected it.

“It’s called respect,” she said. “How would you feel if they put a dress on the pope? If they put a skirt and high heels on him? People wouldn’t like that, would they? They’re taking this freedom of speech too far now.”
I commend the intelligence of Donna Brady, a Baptist no less, for seeing this hateful incitement as being over the top, but if you read the 'Comments,' there's still plenty of hate in the 'Show Me' state.

Would all of this hatred and fear of Muslims have been possible without Israel attacking the USA on 9/11, then having their traitors in the MSM blaming Islam and Muslims, or would we Americans get on our hate towards the darker skinned Muslims out of sheer ignorance?

Too bad most of the haters haven't seen this Charlie Hebdo cartoon, for is they had, we would be back to eating 'Freedom Fries' and making ominous noises towards France.

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POST-NOTE: Is the St. Louis area the next American place that Israel will set off another 9/11 False Flag, a 'dirty bomb' like the ones they've been field-testing in the Negev Desert?


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  2. Pamela Geller wants to draw insulting cartoons of Mohammed to prove Muslims have no respect for the First Amendment!

    After that, we can go over to the local Hell’s Angels’ bar and scream “All you pussy bikers suck” to prove bikers have no respect for the First Amendment.

    Then for good measure we can crash a Gay Pride event and shout homophobic insults like "Faggot" and "queer" to prove that gays have no respect for the First Amendment!

    And to finish the evening we can all stroll through Harlem and shout “Nigger” to prove that blacks have no respect for the First Amendment!


    What if the (anti-alcohol, anti drug) Muslims were doing something like this? What would Geller say about that?

    Someone commented "Lubavs get drunk all the time as part of their religious experience. Why should pot be any worse?"

    Apparently being Jewish can save you from getting shot by the popo if you're caught playing with your fake gun

  4. I catch holy hell for posting pics about pedophile Jews sucking baby goobers and calling it religion. Can't they be tolerant, if they insist that should?

  5. Geller is on my Zionist hag list. She's just a nasty vulgar woman. Gutter trash. What else can an Israhell supporter be?

  6. What else can she be? Uhh, I've got several descriptions, but not for public viewing.


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