Saturday, June 6, 2015

Who the Zionist Criminals in Occupied Palestine Terrorized Today

Bulldozers Raze Lands East of Gaza City

A number of Israeli military units, including bulldozers, today, infiltrated east of the neighborhood Shuja'eyya, east of Gaza City, in a leveling operation on agricultural border lands.

Eyewitnesses reported, according to the PNN, that 4 military bulldozers entered the eastern lands in the Shuja'eyya neighborhood.

Gazan farmers have been repeatedly targeted on their lands by the Israeli occupation.

On Wednesday morning, one farmer was injured by indiscriminate firing from Israeli forces on the border of Khuza’a town east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.
Truth that most Americans will never know, since their Jew owned MSM is feeding them BS about the 'Brucie' Jenner psyops.
Israeli Navy Attacks Fishing Boats In Gaza Waters

Israeli navy ships opened fire, on Saturday morning, on a number of Palestinian fishing boats in Gaza territorial waters. Soldiers open fire on farmers in different areas.

Media sources said the navy attacked Palestinian fishing boats in the al-Waha area, northwest of Beit Lahia in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, in addition to Zawayda and Deir al-Balah in central Gaza.

The attacks led to damage but no injuries; the fishers had to sail to shore to avoid further Israeli violations and assaults.

In addition, Israeli soldiers stationed across the border fence opened fire on Palestinian farmlands in two areas, northwest of the Gaza Strip, in addition to farmlands east of Gaza.

The army and the navy conduct daily violations against the Palestinians in different parts of the besieged coastal region, in addition to constant attacks against Gaza fishers and their boats.
American tax dollars at work in Gaza:
The brief footage, archived by Palestinian-based production company Media Town, was taken above Gaza City's eastern suburb of Al-Shuja'eyya.

A series of buildings shattered or completely reduced to rubble can be seen in this footage, recorded at the end of August:



  1. That last Israhell trying to rid the world of "antisemitism". What they are actually doing is not only trying to rid the world of the true Semites but all Goyim. If only Americans understood that.

  2. I put on RT news late last night and first thing I saw was a video of IDF in East Arab Jerusalem slapping around a white haired old man in his house because they were there to demolish it. After slapping around the old man they shoved out the whole family. It made my blood boil! I can't find it on RT online to post it so the other story will have to suffice to vent my anger.

  3. Yes, I saw that part of the 'butch' ZOF Storm Troopers beating up that elderly Palestinian gentleman.

    GD bunch of savage lunatics that had to be put on Earth to test people's patience or something to see if their ready for the next step in life, like going to another plane of existence or something.

    The ZOF has to be non-human.


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