Saturday, August 8, 2015

The JEW Spins the HoloHOAX Wheel of Fortune...AGAIN


Now the stories are getting out that the JEW is wanting to siphon more $$$ out of gullible GOYIM pockets, with the grandchildren, yes, the grandchildren of Holocaust™ 'survivors' are now bleating like sheep, demanding their cut of the loot, wanting to get their pockets filled with money while the getting is good!

Did a blog on this latest con job back in November 2014, and since then, the cry to get some 'relief' to the grandchildren of Holocaust™ con artists are now demanding their share of the easy money,

This con is called 'inherited trauma,' and of course, it's a call to help pay extortion money to Scottish grandchildren of holohoax survivors, who can't seem to live life because of all those horrible holocaust stories yarns spin by their elders.

What will start out as merely paying Jew psychiatrists money to help these poor dears will evolve into some kind of money being skimmed out of the nations that have paid enormous sums of money to holohoax fraudsters. The grandchildren will get some loot to help process those horrible feelings of being a grandkid of 'survivors.'

Will this con never stop?

Even some honest Jews have debunked the Holocaust™ but that doesn't stop the biggest fraud of the 20th Century to keep on giving mountains of money to the Jew, even to their offspring and now their grandkids.

Another honest Jew who says he is a 'Holocaust denier.'

But the beauty of extortion is that it keeps on giving, forever to the thugs doing the demanding, until and unless the victim develops a pair and says, "Never Again. Never Again Will You Extort Money From Me, Never Again!"

Going back as far as 1945, there was evidence that the Holocaust™ was FAKE:
On December 1, 1945, Professor René Fabre, dean of the pharmacy faculty in Paris, having led an investigation, closed his toxicological research with a doubly negative finding: there was no trace of hydrogen cyanide (HCN) either in the alleged gas chamber or in the bodies of the allegedly gassed Jews (partly preserved at the Hôpital civil of Strasbourg). Remarkably, his forensic report would, at an indeterminate date, disappear from the archives of the gendarmerie and the military courts (at Le Blanc in the Indre département) but, fortunately, in 1982, I personally discovered a report signed by the medical experts Simonin, Fourcade and Piedelièvre attesting to Professor Fabre’s doubly negative conclusion.
Those Nasty Nazis even had large, sealed tunnels for delousing entire trains, but were never used to holocaust the Jew, why is that? A damn near perfect way to kill large numbers of people, yet it was never used to holocaust the Jew?

The Holocaust™ fraud of the 20th Century led to another fraud in the 21st Century, the Israeli masterminded False Flag, 9/11. Both frauds were perpetuated by the Jew for their own nefarious ends.
But the new reality in the US is that the crooks and their greedy followers are also enormously dominant politically--and one of the keys to their power is holocaust propaganda. Why should Jews suffer any pain at all, even if only financial pain? Who would dare begrudge the little darlings whatever they can steal after all they supposedly endured during that other holocaust under Hitler and national socialism? Bernie Madoff got sent to jail because he stole from Jews--shame on him--but the others are not even facing any kind of prosection as Lanny Breuer (Jew and Federal prosecutor) explained so nicely on Front Line.

What an ironic twist of fate that America is being destroyed today by the same people who destroyed Nazi Germany. The lies and liars that destroyed Nazi Germany are finally destroying America as well!



  1. Maybe a mass lawsuit against HoloHoax Extortion Criminals is in order?

    The emotional (not to mention financial) damage caused me by the hoaxers and their offspring is worth $Millions, I'd say.

  2. Yes... The grand-demonspawn of the original demon seed are now wanting their "pound of flesh" from the gullible goyim...

    You hit it on the head, Greg, with this report... The Holy Hoax "criminals" are now dying off, and the scumbag Lucifer worshipers are wanting their children and grandchildren to continue to fleece us all for this massive scam...

    Will the Gentiles finally wake up and destroy this filth before they destroy us? What happens over the next while will answer that question as these monsters now go for broke with their push for world domination.

  3. I never knew that imagined trauma would become genetic. Guess, I'm not very scientific. Trust the tribe to come up with ever more bs to keep the money flowing. After all, most of them don't like to work for a living.

  4. Why work for a living when you can fleece people of tons of money, money given to assuage Gentiles of guilt imposed by the Jew con job?

    BM, you might be on to something, a lawsuit by Gentiles to help us with all that pain and suffering given to us by the Jew for a fictional event.

  5. Well, the Jews have gall like nobody else.


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