Thursday, June 30, 2016

"Hello False Flag" Another Active Shooter Drill in Maryland at the Same Time Reports of an Actual Shooter?

How many times will the government pull off this nonsense and still expect people to fall for their deceits? Americans are getting war weary and that's scaring the JWO war mongers who need our kids to fight and die for these endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' while we also fund this idiocy. This is the kind of sick shit that makes that psycho-bitch and our next POTUS, 'Kuntzilla' cream in her silk panties.
WASHINGTON – Joint Base Andrews is on lockdown after a report of an active shooter Thursday morning. All personnel have been directed to shelter in place.

Joint Base Andrews says on their Facebook page that the report came in at 9 a.m. and said an active shooter was the Malcolm Grow Medical Facility, on the base.

They were asked on their Facebook page whether the incident was related to a drill that was scheduled for Thursday morning, but the base responded, “We are responding to a real world report of an active shooter. We take this types [sic] of reports seriously and are responding accordingly to ensure the safety of those on base.”
Enough is enough. Just say NO to this madness and take back our nation.

6.30.16 photo Andrews_zpscwibtpwj.png

There Was a Drill Scheduled for Thursday Morning, But This Is a ‘Real-World Active Shooter Situation’

Now the FBI will have to grab one of its Muslim patsy's and frame them for anything that happens, even if nothing does happen, it still has to be blamed on the 'Muzzies,' as that is what our colonial overlord, Israel, has dictated.

Brace yourself, the really bad and truly sick active shooter terror op against the USA is coming soon, only this one will have the government sending in goons to shoot up some day care center to get Americans back into the proper frame of mind so Israel and her Zionist lackeys can continue on with their JWO project.


  1. Must be Akhmed with jewish roots. We must destroy those craaazy ebil aaaraabs!!

    Same day in holohoaxarael, as featured on Daily "muzzie hate" mail news ( rita turdz, spam geller etc. must be on the editorial board) "Horror as Israeli girl, 13, is stabbed to death in her bed by Palestinian attacker who broke into her West Bank home while she slept

    Here goes Another Allah worshiping Akhmed!

    Poor little privileged jewish MP in UK, I cried so much ....
    Jewish Labour MP abused at anti-Semitism ...A Jewish Labour MP today demanded Jeremy Corbyn resign over his 'catastrophic' failure of leadership after he watched silently as one of his supporters heckled her.

    Mr Corbyn, who used the event to condemn anti-Semitism and all racism, triggered further controversy when he appeared to compare the Israeli government to ISIS.

    Whaaat, how dare he? oh wait, israel=nazi=isis

    She added: 'Labour members should resist the use of Hitler, Nazi and Holocaust metaphors, distortions and comparisons in debates about the Israel-Palestine in particular.'
    Mr Corbyn ordered the review last month after ex-London Mayor Ken Livingstone exploded an anti-Semitism storm by ranting on TV and radio about how Hiter 'supported Zionism' before he 'went mad and killed six million Jews'.

  2. What has Jew Inc got against Corbyn? That he didn't go running at once when offered a tour of Holocaustland and ride the Holocauster?

  3. I was listening to KGO radio here in N Ca. Guess what the host was talking about? The Orlando Shooting and gun laws. "how long are we going to stand by allowing assault weapons?" Well, I don't know if any of us needs assault weapons for self-defense, I think not.

    But US/Israhell have got weapons on the black market all over the world, they can't even even track of it. They just make 'em and ship 'em out. No oversight. Or it doesn't work. So as usual the people barking are barking up the wrong tree.

    No one wants to be outgunned by anyone else and that's all there is too it. People can't think critically, that's the problem in this country.

    Speaking of guns, where I live there is a mansion built by the widow of the guy who manufactured the Winchester rifle. Killed a lot of Indians and stuff I guess. “The Gun That Won The West.”

    The house is now a museum and called the Winchester Mystery House because she believed the spirits of the dead were haunting her. Poor woman! The husband died and she was left a fortune in money & stocks and moved from Ct. to build her house here.

    No one knows where she got the idea to do it, but she built fake hallways, stairs, doors that all lead to nowhere just to confuse the spirits of the dead that haunted her fortune!

    The best time to go is on Halloween when they do night flashlight tours, good place to take the kids. Ha!

    This is what happens to weapon manufactures!

  4. Yeah, I've read that story about the Winchester fortune and mansion, kinda creepy in a good sort of way.


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