Monday, June 20, 2016

Israel cuts water supplies to West Bank during Ramadan...And Truth to Americans

Palestinian water tanks vandalized by illegal Israeli settlers in Hebron6.20.16 photo palwat_zps9vi8blou.jpg

One version of this story of Apartheid Israel cutting off water to West Bank Palestinians during a hotter than normal Summer and Ramadan, but the video has been blocked by some assholes somewhere.

Just have to go to "PRESS TV" and see their version:

The office of Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah accused the Israeli regime of waging a water war against the Palestinians. It also described Israel’s manipulation of water supplies as inhumane and outrageous. This, after Tel Aviv stopped providing water to the entire governorate of Jenin, several Nablus villages and the city of Salfit. The move has left tens of thousands of fasting Palestinians in desperate need of water during the month of Ramadan. Israelis, including settlers, use five times more water than Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

Think California’s Drought Is Bad? Try Palestine’s

While Israelis water their lawns and swim in Olympic-sized pools, Palestinians a few kilometers away are literally dying of thirst.

Despite its location in a region thought to be perennially dry, the Holy Land actually has ample natural freshwater resources — namely in the form of underwater aquifers and the Jordan River. Palestinians in the West Bank and Israeli settlers live in roughly equal proximity to these resources, which theoretically would allow for equal consumption.

Israeli water policy, however, has made this prospect virtually impossible. In fact, there’s a shocking disparity.

A report from the United Nations found that the average Israeli settler consumes 300 liters of water per day — a figure surpassing even the average Californian’s 290. But thanks to Israeli military action and legal restrictions on access, the average Palestinian in the occupied West Bank only gets about 70. And for the tens of thousands of Palestinians who live off the water grid altogether, daily consumption hovers at around 30. That’s just 10 percent of the Israeli figure.

Both figures are well below the minimum 100 liters per day recommended by the World Health Organization. While Israelis are watering their lawns and swimming in Olympic-sized pools, Palestinians a few kilometers away are literally dying of thirst.
What else is taking place in 'Stolenland?'

Chairman of West Bank Rabbis Calls for Palestinian Wells to be Poisoned

Under Israeli pressure, Facebook and Twitter delete large amounts of Palestinian content

Whether poisoning West Bank Palestinian drinking water wells or poisoning American minds, Jew Inc never stops its ceaseless campaign of ethnic cleansing of the native Palestinians.


  1. My friend Maria, who lives in the last and only Christian village in the Holy Land, tells me the Israelis have done this every year. And every year people die of thirst, especially babies and the elderly.

    In her village of Taybeh, the Biblical Ephraim, where Christ, "for fear of the Jews" stayed until His triumphal entry to Jerusalem (Palm Sunday), the illegal occupiers burn crops, houses, and keep the people terrorized. The villagers can actually see the Jews splashing in their pools as they look up to the higher (stolen) ground from their windows. The electricity goes off frequently in the West Bank, as in Gaza. It is over 110F and so very dry.

    Thank you so much Greg, for your work. God Bless you.Please continue.

    While Americans were entertained by the farce in Orlando, the UN "voted" Israel to head their legal commission! That's the news that needs to be told. Imagine, the criminal enterprise of Jew, Inc., which is in violation of hundreds of UN resolutions since 1948, will now be the arbiter of international law!

    I expect this summer they will destroy the Dome of the Rock in August and build their temple to the anti-Christ on their holiday of Tisha B'Av and start WWIII in earnest. they have been planning this since the Sanhedrin were re-convened in 2004, for the first time in over a thousand years.

    Recently,there was an Israeli kid, brought up atheist, who had a near death experience (which seemed to be hell) and he also saw a war in which the Israeli army would fight full out, but be defeated in three days when the entire world turned against them. We'll see...

    The prophecy of St. Paisios, who foresaw this catastrophe, and described even an army of Chiinese marching on Jerusalem, does not seem as strange now as it did in the eighties.

    Meanwhile, let us not be so passive as to think that prayer has no effect and let's continue to spread the word, and link the articles that show what is really happening, such as the great articles on this website.


  2. Israelis living in luxury while Palestinians suffer and die.

    All paid for by American taxpayer, dollars.

  3. Orlando massacre was "revenge," not terrorism, says gunman's lover

    Bigger than 9/11 coming soon

  4. I gave a nice little Jewish history of well poisoning long before Palestine.

  5. Poisoning drinking water is obscene. Wonder why Wolf Blitzer never talks about it?

    Or the NYT? Hmmmm

  6. 5 dancing shlomosJune 24, 2016 at 10:00 PM

    if the jew can live off lies and welfare
    why cant the palestinians
    live off rocks and dust


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