Thursday, January 25, 2018

Pushing 9/11 LIES into our Children's Minds

Gotta keep pushing poison into American minds, especially our children's heads, so they become good GOYS and girls, ever ready to serve Israel and worship their holohoax fantasies.
Unraveling the Mysteries of Flight 11

Although a strong case has been made that there were no Muslim terrorists at all on the 9/11 flights, look who’s beside “Mohamed Atta” in row 8. It’s Emmy Award-winning screenwriter David Angell and his wife Lynn. Angell was co-creator of the hit TV series Frasier and Wings (about a Massachusetts-based airline). Seated directly behind them in row 9 is Daniel Lewin, a former captain in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force), and who served in the Sayeret Matkal, which specializes in counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, and assassination. It was said that Lewin could bench-press 315 pounds and “was trained to kill terrorists with a pen or a credit card, or just his bare hands.”

Next, here is a photo of [Daniel] Lewin, take in 2000, posing before folding panels that resemble the Twin Towers:
He is wearing what has been identified as a Swatch Watch, the “Hijacker” model. Although the online Swatch link to this model is now gone, here is the model information that was turned up on the Let’s Roll forum on Lewin:

1999 SpringSummer
I Big Standard Plus

The Mystery of Gate 32

One of the lesser-known controversies surrounding Flight 11 is that the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) has no record of its departing that morning, as the Bureau should. Such data is automatically recorded electronically when a flight takes off. There is debate about the significance of this, and I have no settled opinion, but those who wish to learn more can consult Peter Meyer’s article. I wouldn’t say Flight 11 “did not exist”; there is certainly a record of flight-control conversation with the departing pilot, as well as radar records. But was the plane what we’ve been told?..

Let Pilots for 9/11 Truth show you why poorly trained hijackers couldn’t have hit the World Trade Center at the claimed speeds, a feat which, as you will see, seasoned Boeing pilots couldn’t achieve on a flight simulator:

There is one immutable TRUTH and that is: 9/11 was an Israeli masterminded False Flag with help from traitors in the WH, the Pentagon, CIA, FBI and NSA. With generous help from the Lying MSM.


  1. hello i'm here! Gharqad not Qarqad

  2. Greg, good vid of Bollyn. He ignores the word ´conspiracy´ and replaces it with ´network´.

    (Slightly off topic, believe it or not: me got a broken shoulder at 9/11 2017 in Catalunya, near Barcelona. It is practically healed now. Took a internetbreak for 4 months. Catalunya – the economic motor of Spain- voted for independence from Spain. It is a pain in the ass of Spain. The independence is not recognised by Spain. But these independistas make a mistake in wanting to join the EU. Spain – as many other mediterranean countries don´t have their house on order despite the flow of money from Brussels- is a pain in the ass of the European (Soviet) Union run by the jew bankers behind 9/11 )

    The Santa Maria hospital in Leida / Lerida – the network of the fake jews knows who we are- where i did my rehab excercises placed last year a memory plate of 1984 George Orwell who got wounded during the Spanish civil war 80 years ago in 1937)


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