Monday, September 10, 2018

Does Brazil Also Have a 'Lucky Larry,' or Should I say 'Senor Lucky Larry?'

Some people's ability to either profit from tragedies or in this case, remove THEIR valuable objects just days before a history destroying conflagration is what I call uncanny.

This time, I'm referring to the massive Brazil National Museum fire.
Brazil National Museum housing 20mn+ exhibits devoured by massive blaze

The National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro has been hit by a massive fire on Sunday night, with images from the scene showing the entire building engulfed in flames. The cause of the blaze is unknown so far.

No-one was injured in the fire, which started after the museum was closed for the day, local media report. About 50 firefighters have been trying to contain the inferno since 7 pm local time. The flames quickly spread through the 19th century wooden mansion that houses the museum...
The National Museum is one of the Americas' oldest and largest, holding over 20 million objects pertaining to natural history and anthropology.

The National Museum houses the largest collection of Egyptian archaeology in Latin America, numbering over 700 items. It also boasts a vast collection of minerals and fossils.

According to the museum’s deputy director, there were plenty of highly flammable items inside the building that could have triggered the blaze. "There were a lot of items that could cause a fire, we had a plan to remove those substances from the museum, but unfortunately that happened," Cristiana Cerezo told The Globe.

The extent of the damage to the museum's contents is unknown so far, as is the exact cause of the fire. Authorities have launched an investigation.
Only 50 firefighters? That's way too few for a fire of that size. Especially when the Fire Department (FD) is forced to shuttle water--explanation below--to the scene, since the nearby fire hydrants weren't working. How convenient.

"According to the museum’s deputy director, there were plenty of highly flammable items inside the building that could have triggered the blaze. There were a lot of items that could cause a fire, we had a plan to remove those substances from the museum, but unfortunately that happened..."

What kind of idiot places highly flammable items inside a museum holding 20 million pieces of art, antiquities, fosils and archeological finds of incalculable value? An idiot who's probably in on the arson job--or being used as a dupe--which is what happened to the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro.

"Authorities have launched an investigation." They can investigate until Hell Israel freezes over, there's no way they will find out what happened. On suspicious structure fires, the ones investigating--either the FD's Fire Marshal or the insurance company's arson investigation team, or some state or federal task force--will collect some burned samples from a variety of places in the burned building to send to a lab to check for hydrocarbons, to see if someone used some kind of fuel to help the set fire. But in this case, forget it. The guilty party or party's have already covered their ass by having the museum's deputy director admit "...there were plenty of highly flammable items inside the building that could have triggered the blaze." Case closed. Even if they do test for hydrocarbons, they won't be able to prove that they were placed there illegally, with intent to burn the place down.

Take a look at this pic of the blaze. As a retired firefighter that assisted our department's Fire Marshal's several times during their investigation of a suspicious fire, I can assure you now that it's 'Case Closed.' Way too much damage to make a comprehensive investigation.
Most likely, the really valuable objects were looted, then the fire set to cover the robbery. Those pieces of art or antiquities or archeological objects were setting safely somewhere or already being moved to their new owner's residence, either in Brazil or overseas.

Now the question to ask, was this another case of 'Jewish Lightning?'

The Usual Suspects
Medieval Torah scroll safe from fire that engulfed Brazil museum: 13th-century Yemenite Torah, once owned by emperor Pedro II, had been removed for restoration before blaze

RIO DE JANEIRO-An ancient Torah scroll once owned by a Brazilian emperor had been removed from Brazil’s National Museum for restoration prior to the massive fire that engulfed the building in Rio on Sunday.

Unlike other irreplaceable treasures, the 13th-century Yemenite Torah scroll once owned by emperor Pedro II is safe at another building that belongs to the National Museum.
Like the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag, this story has already changed. When it first appeared, remember reading an article that quoted some local Rabbi that the scroll had been moved "days before" the blaze. Now they're spinning it and claiming it was moved two years ago.

Think the MSM outlet that carried that story might of been "AP," since the WayBack site lists TWO snapshots for that September 5, 2018 story, but there's only ONE link.
Maybe the AP Chairman, Steven R. Swartz, of New York City knows something about that missing link?

I call Bullshit on the bullshit being shoveled out about the scroll being moved two years before the fire. The (((gangsters))) behind this tragic loss realized the Rabbi fucked up, and had their MSM drop the part about the scroll being moved only a couple of days before, to take the heat--no pun intended--off their sleazy, thieving asses.
I've searched numerous sites, and they're all singing the same song; the AP story that the scroll was moved two years earlier.

If I was deceptive, cunning and crafty--like a certain Tribe of ethnic gangsters--would've taken a screen shot of that story to insert in this blog. But when Jew Inc saw that story about the Torah scroll being removed only a few days before the fire, they knew that when Brazilians started looking for someone to blame for that tragedy, it would start getting hot for the Brazilian Kosher Nostra franchise and not because of Summer's approach.
Just like 'Lucky Larry' Silverstein, who got VERY lucky the morning when Israel pulled of its biggest False Flag to date, 9/11"
Larry Silverstein, the wealthy property owner and developer who held the lease on the World Trade Center properties, was due to work that morning of September 11, 2001, in the temporary offices of his company, Silverstein Properties, on the 88th floor of the North Tower. But he had a problem; he had a dermatologist appointment that morning, too. According to Silverstein, his wife “laid down the law” and told him he could not miss the doctors appointment. Therefore, Silverstein was not at the World Trade Center when the planes hit. Two of Silverstein’s children, his son, Roger, and daughter, Lisa, would regularly attend meetings with important clients at Windows on the World. That morning, they too were running late and were not at Windows when the planes hit...Silverstein did lose four employees in the attack; two of them had just been hired.
Teenager acne bothering the 70+ yo Lucky Larry?

The ones who died in his office were probably some hapless GOYIM who aren't worth saving, as the Jew's Most Holy book, the Talmud teaches.

Truly, Jews are a people blessed by a God or their G-d to have such luck whenever some kind of tragedy befalls us GOYIM, but which Juden not only dodge, but usually make tons of money off the event.

Short Dan Rather 9/11 video, where the TRUTH escaped from his lips at the 30 second mark, which is why probably why Danny boy was set up with the Killian documents fraud, then fired for falling for the scam.

"Amazing, incredible, pick your word. For the third time today, it's reminiscent of those pictures we've all seen too much on television before, where a building was deliberately destroyed by well placed dynamite to knock it down." CBS News anchor Dan Rather commenting on the collapse of Building 7 - September 11, 2001 at approx 5:30pm EST.

To add to the confusion--which aids the coverup--they make moronic statements like this:
According to Brazilian culture minister Sérgio Leitão, an electrical short circuit or a paper hot-air balloon that landed on the museum’s roof was the likely cause of the fire...Brazil’s National Museum, for example, had no working sprinkler system, and the two hydrants closest to the building malfunctioned when firefighters arrived at the scene.
Yes, paper hot-air balloons are notorious for causing massive museum fires.

No working fire sprinkler system in the museum? Kinda like those CCTV cameras that were either out of service or being replaced right at the same time some Zionist False Flag kills a bunch of Gentiles.

Here's more proof this was most likely arson: "... two hydrants closest to the building malfunctioned when firefighters arrived at the scene." No working sprinkler system; no working fire hydrants close by, forcing Rio firefighters to "...collect water from a nearby lake..."

Moving water from a lake to the fire is what's called a tanker shuttle operation, used mainly in county FD's that don't have fire hydrants, because it would cost the county too much money to install the same. So they either place few fire hydrants in strategic locations, and use their Tanker trucks to load water from the hydrant, then 'shuttle' it back to the fire scene, which is then dumped into a huge holding tank, specifically set-up for that purpose or find a nearby lake/pond, attach a piece of hard suction hose to the Tanker, use the pump to suck in the water, then deliver the water--called a shuttle op--to the scene.
It's a long, slow, arduous process and if their was a recent heavy rain, forget it, there's no way you can get the Tanker truck close enough to the lake to gather water without getting the Tanker stuck.

Add in the corrupt Brazilian president, Michel Temer, who illegally seized power in a JWO coup back in May 2016 and you have the perfect set-up for Jewish Lightning. Don't worry about 'Michelle,' he's not running for re-election, since Brazilians hate the sorry bastard, with polls showing only around 7% would vote for the traitorous fuck. But for being a good little GOY, he'll probably get a nice cut of the museum loot.

Life is good and will continue to be good for the 75 yo 'Mikey,' who will live like royalty when he leaves the presidency and has all sorts of fun with his much younger wife, Marcela.
You too can enjoy the good life, with al the benefits, like lots of money to spend, live in luxury with a hot babe 40 years younger than you, if you just would sell your soul to the NWO JWO.

“Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.”― George Orwell, 1984
5 historic artifacts that may have been destroyed in the National Museum of Brazil fire

2. Mummified specimens

The museum is home to a mummified woman who died 600 years before Europeans ever arrived to South America, providing a rare example of Brazilian mummified bodies.

4. Scientific library

Nearly half a million volumes make up the museum's scientific library, including 2,400 which are classified as rare works.

5. Ancient skeleton

Luzia Woman, an upper paleolithic period skeleton, has called the museum home since being discovered in a cave in Brazil in 1975. She is believed to be around 11,500 years old, making her the oldest human skeleton to be found in the Americas. Sadly, she could have finally met her fate in 2018.
Thanks for this blog go to a Mr. Gabreal Jones, a very astute, educated and fearless human who left some comments on a previous blog that got me interested into pursuing the Rio Museum 'torch' job.

P.S. That the scrolls were from Yemen isn't unusual, since Biblical scholars and archeologists are now discovering that the fabled Jew 'Exodus' wasn't spent in Egypt's Sinai, but in Yemen.

The Exodus is a fabrication from those who think truth is malleable, to be twisted and distorted to fit whatever line of Bullshit they're selling
Ancient Egypt knew no Pharaohs

And yes, the whole story of Egypt ever being ruled by so called Pharaohs is nothing but a pure myth and a blatant deception. As a matter of fact the notorious story of Moses and Pharaoh never happened in ancient Egypt.
P.S. 2 To see what life is like in a Rio slum, watch the excellent 2002 movie "City of God." Based on real events that happened to a young Brazilian who aspired to be a photojournalist. Life in those slums can be brutal, nasty and very short.


  1. who owns the insurance company....

    Hebrews never turned into "Jews" from Talmudia...

    culture distortion / fraud artists / identity thieves.....have enmity for the truth
    & Justice....

    just imagine the "distortion" these perverts have wreaked on the

    "WHITE PEOPLE" Nations in just the last 100 years....with HOLLYWOOD movies,
    TALMUD VISION....currency printing {{{FILTHY LUCRE}}}...

    oh well,
    look over there...sand niggers with a secret pancake recipe,
    flying jumbo jets...where in the world is Amram Nir...?

    parasites with a bad faith religion...have HIGH HOLY DAYS...?

    shabbas goy on crack...The Jew worshipping Crack whores in the United States
    on Monday warned the International Criminal Court against prosecution of
    Jew worshipping crack whores in the US or Jesus hating Mass Murderers
    called Israeli's for war crimes in the Middle East. . . or anywhere
    on planet earth...

    who owns the theatre of the absurd...and has a monopoly on unmitigated CHUTZPAH

    GLOBAL POGROM 2018....

    Six Million in the Ovens of Truth



  2. The Jews are behind the CA forest fires, the Brazil Museum burning, 911, and the hurricanes that are heading to the Carolinas as I type [microwave satellite manipulation], not to mention several small earthquakes that occurred all across the US this summer because Thermite charges were being detonated in the middle of the night along major fault lines in the US. By GUESS WHO ? That's right ; the filthy fucking Jew rats who need to be completely exterminated off this Earth. These rotten cocksuckers are not gonna stop until WE PUT THEM DOWN LIKE RABID DOGS. They are enjoying destroying our country while we sit here typing, paralyzed because our own laws will not allow us to take street revenge against these shitheads. NO CIVIL WAR ; just a REAL war ; the Jews against the world !! Time to fry these sick, malignant, bloodthirsty pedophiles. Time to stop typing, lock and load, and do God's work !!


    We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.
    Maurice Samuel

    Can you hear the Gropeinator (yes a filthy joo) mouthing the above bs while pullin' on

    Bloomberg's pecker?

  4. My first thought on seeing your post was "where are the Torahs?" Well you answered that pronto, no sorpressa. If Brasilia is to take its place soon then all local/abo memory needs to be extinguished, sorry torched. BWAHAHAHAAAA

  5. Great post, Greg! The original skull of Luzia, has gone up in jew... lightning (what a lightning term , btw). And that they (as fake jews) took their Torah scrolls is a sign that they don´t like the Luzia line of Walter Neves of Sao Polo univ. and his team. Not only about the money.

    They reconstructed Brazil's oldest woman and it wasn't Pitanguy who did the work. (some inside info, gj) Luzia, the first Brazilian: the reconstruction of a 11,500-year old face revolutionizes theories of the occupation of the American continent. (Outdoor billboard displayed in major Brazilian cities, August 1999)

    50%+ of Brazilians regarded themselves as blacks in 2000. The majority of these ´blacks´ will be dna related to the black native (Indians, see Rafinesque) who lived there before Chris C.


    I don´t buy the ´no pharaohs nor hebrew israelite story of Ashraf´. His Adolf H. moustache has taken the elevator to below his lower lip, a caucasian arab version of Tutankamon. Come on Ashraf, how much hash did u smoke? Armchair academic Ashraf will most probably also sail the Nile in denial of the historic authenticity of JC.

    Only one thing,: Osama Bin Laden / Tim Osman (and his whole family) is jew from Yemen, yeah man.

    There is a true story, true history behind the many paintings & other hieroglyphic grafitti on the walls of Egypt and the statues and the pyramids. What the hell else on earth would they represent, a carnaval in Cairo?

    See: the gj and sam hita comments at:

    The very fact that the satanic talmud rabbis write about JC is proof enough that he is not a mythological character. Btw the yids of Zeitgeist etc. nevertheless tell the JC myth tory.

    How black Egypt became white:

    Last but not least – (white) Robert Bauvall: Black Genesis The Ancient Origins of Egypt Full Lecture

    Bauvall says in the tail of his amazing lecture, the whole geography of Egypt is suddenly blown up....

    vid 57.22 Now what these guys do, what Egyptologists (like Hashraf, gj) don´t is, they actually go on foot....

    Ashraf should blow his academic mind with some acid, vielleicht, much light.

    CIA O

  6. @ INCOMING!!!! Overlooked your comment. Greg did a great job to stumble upon this Torah evacuation. A diff. version of the 911 Odigo.

    But then again, it is not local or abo. It is factual. And all humans on terra must come to the realisation that we are all more or less bleached blacks. And that is what the ptb jew/white + their non white uncle tom toms (MTV, Hollywood black bunch of entertainers, Eric Holden, Barrack O. u name it don´t want us to know.

    It is a Bilderberg pig/mentality mountain of images that all of us humans are bombarded with.

    Plan B of the kid kidnappers-fuckers-killers-&-eaters after the kid blood aperativo is: we put such and such thing in the ground et voila: recent archeology has proven this and this. Or double fake jew and fake negro Barry, we organise a birthcertificate for him. Ad infinitum.

    9/11 psycho Netanyahu aka Meilikovsky bought a ancient ring for his middle finger (probably his cockring) irgendwo in Talmudistan to ´prove´....

    WWW We Will Win.

    CIA O

  7. "Unlike other irreplaceable treasures, the 13th-century Yemenite Torah scroll once owned by emperor Pedro II is safe at another building that belongs to the National Museum."
    Ha! You nailed it, also your insights into the firefighting process. Good job.

  8. A lot of great Bingo moments here, Mr. G.

    Whenever something monumental is destroyed by fire, thoughts of Alexandria come to mind. I still believe the most important works were rescued, stolen, perhaps residing beneath the Vatican, maybe housed in private collections to this day.

    As with the Twin Towers, the world changed forever with the loss of that knowledge in Alexandria the intellectual centre of the Western World at the time, those ancient scrolls possibly from civilizations resulting in our ignorance of world history for so many millennia. We shall never know but, Caesar or not, someone was calling that shot. We ALL have lost, millions of us in the thousands of years since that fire which so broke his rival, Cleopatra.

    But that is a lot of conjecture on my part.

    Greg this is a great piece. I noticed all editorial cartoons on this fire were the same, going no further than to bemoan the lack of access to water. No one mentions the eternal value of what is lost or stolen, just attached shekel value.

    Over the past few decades we have seen so much international history erased, all as part of this sick effort to blend the nations and peoples of the planet into an amorphous servile blob of beige colour and limited mental ability.

    They have attacked us with everything, especially our cultures (food, music, sexual mores, nationalities, etc) as they try to blend and blobify us (some call it globalization; I call it Talmudization)

    This piece supplied most of the answers I was looking for. Thanks.


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