Sunday, September 2, 2018

"VAT?! Vat is Ziss? No Holy Holocaust in 1987 World Almanac & Book of FACTS?"

"Vat iz ziss? An Almanac book that proclaims to be "The Authority Since 1868" has not a section devoted to our most sacred and holy Holocaust? Nor our beloved Shoah? Ziss must be a devilish GOYIM trick, zat's right!"

"Only a raging anti-Semite or a neo-Nazi would omit our Holocaust. Izzy, contact our attorney and good friend, Alan Dirtbagowitz, tell him VE Vant to file a lawsuit against these blasphemers! Zat will teach those bastards a lesson!"

Few weeks back, went to a yard sale. They had a box of books for free, and found this one, "The World Almanac and Book of Facts 1987" by Pharos Books, a Scripps Howard Company, 200 Park Avenue--high rent district--New York, NY 10166.

Curious what they had to say about the BIGGEST HOAX in history, the very lucrative Holocau$t™ racket, so looked up Holocaust. NO Holocaust in the General Index. Though they did have a listing for "Hogs" (appropriate) and "Homeless."

Couldn't believe what I didn't find, so I double-checked. NO Holocau$t™. So I looked up "Shoah." Again, no listing, but they did have one for "Sikhs" and "Shot Put Records."
My mind was reeling. Every being on this planet has heard that term at least 6 gorillion times, yet back in 1987, it wasn't listed in an Almanac Book of Facts? There must be something, somewhere about the world's eternal victims, always demanding our pity and money on a daily basis, so I widened my search. Looked up "Judaism." Nothing about the Holocau$t™, but they did have this joke, "The emphasis in Judaism is on ethical behavior..." Obviously, one of the editors must of been a comedian.

While searching for some reference to that con job, ran across a "Historical Anniversaries" section that had a paragraph on the 1967 Israel Six Day War of Aggression, when Israel launched attacks against Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine, to steal MORE land while committing war crimes, like murdering over 1,000 Egyptians POW's along with some civilians.
"If I were to be put on trial for what I did, then it would be necessary to put on trial at least one-half the Israeli army which, in similar circumstances, did what I did."—Israeli Brig. Gen. Aryeh Biro, who admitted to killing hundreds of unresisting Egyptians.
They made up for no Holocau$t™ listing by telling some MAJOR lies in that part of the Almanac. They had the Arabs starting the war, not Israel. That is a HUGE lie, but don't believe me, read what was stated by an Israeli General (and future Israeli PM Begin) involved in that atrocity:
“The thesis according to which the danger of genocide hung over us in June 1967, and according to which Israel was fighting for her very physical survival, was nothing but a bluff which was born and bred after the war,” declared Gen. Matituahu Peled, chief of logistical command during the war and one of 12 members of Israel’s General Staff, in March 1971...

Even Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, former terrorist and darling of the Israeli far right, conceded in a speech in August 1982 that “in June 1967 we had a choice. The Egyptian army concentrations in the Sinai approaches did not prove that Nasser was really about to attack us. We must be honest with ourselves. We decided to attack him.”
These are the kind of FACTS which us GOYIM will NEVER see in an Almanac or even history books.

Another HUGE fucking lie was "...and the Israelis take Arab Jerusalem--correct--and RETAIN the strategic Golan Heights? Retain? WTF?
First, he [Norman Finklestein] says, Israel’s “primary goal was to neuter Nasser, to deliver a death blow to these uppity Arabs, and finish off what was called radical Arab nationalism.” He goes on that Israel’s government had a “secondary goal” — “to conquer the lands they had coveted but didn’t manage to seize in ’48: East Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza, the Golan.”
The oil and water rich Golan was and still is Syrian property, so how could they call stealing land retaining? Only in the twisted, devious, crafty mind of brutal, savage, murderous land thieves could the theft of another nation's be called retaining. You can't retain what wasn't and still isn't yours. (Also, nothing in the Almanac about the USS Liberty, the savage, unprovoked and murderous attack on an American electronic intelligence in international waters by our friend and ally, Israel. Which Israel lied about back then and is still lying about it today. But Shhh! We must not speak ill of Israel, since that is anti-Semitic and wastes valuable time we could be spending worshiping the most Holy Holocaust.)
But before going back to my original search, went to check who these neo-Nazis editors were, and maybe that's where they problem lay; too many GOYIM and not enough Chose Ones?

The Editor was Mark Hoffman? Possibly, but not definite he's a Tribe member. Senior Editors: June Foley and Thomas McGuire. Ah-ha, that's where the problem is, too many Micks on the Editorial staff, as the Irish have been known to have a soft spot for the under-siege Palestinians, being they had a somewhat similar experience during nearly 700 years of British terrorist rule.

But back to my Sherlock Holmes impersonation. Oh, BTW, here's another FACT you'll never see in an Almanac or history books.
Next, looked up "Rise of the Totalitarians (page 509)" and found under Germany this: They wrote about how the Depression was instrumental in bringing the Nazi Party to power, then this MOAB. "Severe persecution of Jews began (Nuremberg Laws Sept. 1935). Many Jews, political opponents and others were sent to concentration camps (Dachau 1933) where thousands died or were killed." Then info on public work..Wait a fucking minute, back this thing up, "thousands died or were killed?" Where's the 6 million? WTF happened? Did this book commit a grave error of TRUTH?
Or were they reflecting what the Red Cross records would show after the war, 271,307 died in the forced-labor camps?

Was the truth still available in 1987? Apparently so. But in the 31 years since, Jew Inc has looted enough Wall Street money and interest on their choke-hold on the illegal Federal Reserve to enable them to buy up over 90% of the MSM, and when you add in Hollywood, you have almost absolute control over what Americans--and the world--sees and reads. Which means, ho-ho-holocaust time, all the time, night and day GOYIM. Don't your dare ever forget our suffering, as we were the only one who really suffered during World War Two Jew, so send money, lots of money, to any of our tax free charities so us Chosen Ones can live like royalty, while you GOYIM eke out a living.
Fast-forward to now and I bet you a dozen bagels and a tub of cream cheese that ALL Almanacs now list the Holocau$t™, along with the usual LIES and blubbering about how those poor Jews were set upon by Der Evil Nazis.
The Nazis were so technologically advanced, for their Gassem Chambers they didn't bother to use the heavily-reinforced steel doors with massive rubber gaskets that look like those doors you see on modern day gas chambers used for prisoner executions and the ones on ships and subs that must be water-proof to seal off an area that has developed a water leak. They also had developed a super strong glass that was used in the Gassem Chamber door, glass that obviously was resistant to being broken by mere humans!

And those cunning bastards just used some space-age wood for the door, those crafty Nazis!

For proof of how dangerous Zyklon-B was, I offer as proof this 1939 photo of a New Orleans crew getting ready to use some to fumigate and disinfect for vermin. Just look at those HazMat suits they were wearing!
So be good little Goys and Girls and remember to worship the most Holy Holocaust on a daily basis, and send as much money as you can afford to tax-free Jew charities so these eternal victims can have some measure of peace. Even though that means that since those charities are tax-free, the loot they rake in will have to be made up by working Americans out of their income.
Directory of Charities and Nonprofit Organizations

Jewish (Displaying 1 - 100 of 4,421)
Jesus, 4,421 in the USA alone? Thought there might be a 1,000 or so, but nearly 4,500? That's a lot of shekels going to lying, murderous, back-stabbing land thieves. Don't bother to check Wikipedia, the page I found only showed 50. Wonder why?

26 Billion Bucks: The Jewish Charity Industry Uncovered  & That DOESN'T include money donated to synagogues.
And America sends these leeches tens of billions each year in free money and tens of billions in free weaponry? Now that's what I call a sweet racket!

And NEVER buy Almanac or history books over 30 years old, that is VERBOTEN!

P.S. I must thank an anonymous comment in my previous blog for the inspiration for this post. THANKS, Anon!


  1. Everyone I talk to, at the gym, at work, at meetings and conventions, all races, all types of Americans ALL KNOW that the Holohoax is the greatest lie ever perpetrated against the human race, and all for Israel and eternal financial reparations. What would the stupid Jews do without this crutch ? Well, sorry fagots, your crutch is about to break and you are going to fall flat on your ugly faces. We all KNOW, you slimeballs, we KNOW. The truth is out, the lies are old, and you, you pathetic bloodthirsty cockroaches are going to burn. Your next false flag operation better be damn HUGE, otherwise your heads are going to decorate poles all across America.

  2. Gregoriodejaneiro, VAT IS ZISS. Was 3 weeks in die judencolony Amsterdam, Holland. For pension reasons.

    CIA O


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