Wednesday, May 22, 2019

9/11: "Give us 20 Years & we'll take over your Media & Destroy your Country" says an Israeli

From a FBI 9/11 report on the spies from Urban Moving Systems, who supplied the 5 dancing Israelis who were caught celebrating the Israeli False Flag. There's a fair amount of redaction in the report, surprised the censors left that in.
It's now going on 18 years since the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag put the US into a permanent state of war against nations Israel wants destroyed. With generous help from the (((MSM))).
Hmm, looks like Israel accomplished part of their goal ahead of schedule.

At the same time, our nation is being destroyed from within, due to massive spending on these 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.' Money that vitally needed to maintain our infrastructure is being spent busting up nations Israel wants destroyed.

We also give Israeli tens of billions each year in free money and tens of billions more in free weapons. But ask your US Senator to introduce a bill that would spend money on our nation's infrastructure and you'll get told that we can't, because that would add to the national debt.


  1. If the world allows the 5G roll out of/by the yidz.......

    (Imv Greg, there is no real diff. between ´Moscow´ & ´Tel Aviv´......(or for that matter ´Washington DC´ or ´London´, ´Brussels´ or ´The Hague´ or anywhere in todays world- see your last piece)


    After I layed down on the beach for several hours not a chemtrail in the sky of my mind.

    Apparently the Poles don´t pay 300 billion dollat to the fake jews.

    The Black Madonna of Czestochowa is blessing the Poles, Polonaise!


    "The whole world should spit back on the fake jews of the Tel Aviv territory. How?

    The kill grid 5G was made in israhell, but will not be rolled out there. That should be the point of attention of everyone everywhere.

    When this antenna boxes - of this WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction that 5 G essentially is - hang in front of your house in 2020 you will get some form of cancer not in 5 years but in 5 months, experts say.

    vid 2.51 EMF radiation, mobile towers etc. takes about 5 years to kick in...... but 5 G is gonna take 5 months.

    5 G Extinction event

    The fake jews of the synagogue of satan and their minions in the govt. all over the globe laugh their ass off that alt. media focus on Iran and what not.

    The Cheka of Lenin used a net to catch the Russian Christians. The high speed 5 G internet is the net the jews and all their groovy bohemian bilderburgers (no typo) - who are btw 98% white- use today to reduce the planetary population to 500 million. (5 G = GG 500)


    5 G roll out is a hidden declaration of war on humans who don´t live in AnneFrankenstein.

    The only solution is a Baader Meinhoff squad to the Bilderberg baby eaters and baby blood drinkers, this year. Of what use is a bunch of alt. reporters.

    I am not a gun owner, but certainly do use all my other warfare capabilities.

    Enfin: I was drawn to the word ´compass´ yesterday which was written somewhere. Was reminded to a link of years ago: compassion.

    In a Dutch alt. site called ´Anarchiel´ when I got into this ´movie´ 10 years ago I found this rather remarkable (since it is mostly political stuff) link to a saying of the Buddha:

    It is an act of compassion if you kill a madman of whom you certainly know that he kills everyone on the ship....

    (Don´t really remember the exact saying).

    In 3 weeks the 7th International Conference on 5G takes place in Valencia. This city internet site/ vid takes pride to be the World Capital of communication this year (...)

    5 G will be israhell on earth very soon, 2019, 2020.

    (Brussels seat of the Headquarters of ZioNato and of the European Soviet Union of RotSchild postponed the roll out 5 G, the Belgian bitch Brussel burgermeester: I cannot use the citizens of Brussels as Guineapigs (unbelievable).

    I know what I went through in Brussels - it is a center of satanists - otherwise I would live in Brussels.

    (For other Goon Squad readers, I saw this Polish refusal to the yidz when for the first time in ages today clicking at darkmoon, imv a contropo site, posted there a lot till dec. 2013 as GJ, send a short version of the above but will not get published)

    Only a military coup in the USA will do. (but then again accorcding to 5 G experts like Joe Imbriano and others, 5 G is not only a EMF radiation source much more intense than 1-4 G right in front of your house, it is a part of the socalled IoT Internet of Things (iota in Hebrew which the fake jews speak now, is a letter in the h. alphabet) in the Smart City design of the fake jews for the dumbos(!).

    The 5 G boxes are also surveillance instruments like the 5 G scanners of diablo Chertoff. And says Imbriano all of these boxes are directly connected with the US military....

    5 G made in Satanistan (since 1948) will deliver the evil goods of 1984, unless

    the good patriotic part of the US military kicks crypto fake jew T. and all his yid banker lords out of the WH- who makes America great again- this shithole idiot even talks about 6 G!

  2. Check out:

    ( gj-comment May 22, 2019 at 6:40 pm)

  3. To be exact:

    The whole world should spit back on the fake jews of the Tel Aviv territory

    must be:

    The whole world should AT LEAST spit back on the fake jews of the Tel Aviv territory

    (btw, read yestertday in a y-tube-comment that satanistan was founded 14 may 11 minutes past 9, must be in the morning)

  4. Gog and Magog {{{Jews}}} will never be "Israel"..@ Genesis 49

    & Deuteronomy 32 & 33.

    SEE the Synagogue of Satan - "EMET GROUP" @

    notice : 23 days before 9/11....!!!

    there is only one source of BAD FAITH/Synagogue of Satan

    "JEWISH" terrorism....Bolshevik/Zionist/Jewish...!!!


    Curiously, No one on Earth HAS to be a "JEW" !!!

    isn't that just terrific NEWS !!!

    Jews/TARES belong in the eternal fiery furnaces of truth
    @ Matthew 13:39-43 !!!

    according to Jesus the Money Changers & Pharisees
    are two legged REPTILES...@ John 8:44 !!!

    THE WORD "JEW" did not exist before the 1700's AD.

    furthermore...there were never any BLACK NIGGER DALLAS
    COWBOYS at the Alamo fornicating with WHITE WHORES and
    snorting COCAINE through plastic straws from Wendys

    McDonalds, or Jack in the Box or Burger King, not
    to mention Long John Silvers and Kentucky Fried Chicken

    Thankfully, the "JEWS" are convicting themselves in REALTIME

    of being the "TARES" - BAD FAITH - WORKERS OF INIQUITY -


    "JEWISH" crime syndicate...AKA...NEW WORLD ORDER.

    professional LIARS & MASS not have any



    the stool sculpture deity cult compound..."JEWISH"




  5. Modern day so-called "JEWS" cannot be "Israel"...seriously.

    400 million dead...

    HUNDREDS OF TRILLIONS...gone down the "JEW" worshipping drain hole

    when is the ....enough is enough day...?

    the Children of Israel in Genesis 49....never turned into

    the "JEWS".

    Modern day so-called "JEWS" are Gog & Magog PROSELYTES to the

    Synagogue of Satan TALMUDIC JUDAISM...@ John 8:44...!!!

    no one on earth HAS to be a two legged reptile...

    or a worshipper of Proselytes to TALMUDIC JUDAISM

    JEWS will never be "Israel"..!!!

    Israel is a people, White People Nations and not filthy kikes.

    JEWTOPIA...where all Jew worshippers and "JEWS" go for a LONG TIME !!!



  6. This is all known to people who are daily researching. The j. was not known and all that jazz.

    What matters is, do you want to die within 5 months with this WMD in front of your comfy house or not?¿

    Or in case you are still breathing, will you stumble to go to the voting machines with your 5 G yid caused brain cancer to elect another yid controlled potus or pm etc.?

  7. "Or in case you are still breathing, will you stumble to go to the voting machines with your 5 G yid caused brain cancer to elect another yid controlled potus or pm etc.?"

    Well, there's a point. After I voted for Trump to hopefully rob Killery of a victory, I will never vote again. I said that after Obama but came up with what I thought was a reason. Our country is out of our hands. And probably always has been. My grown children to too busy to deal with it. Try and buy a house in Silicone Valley. That will keep all of millennials too swamped to care.

  8. You're right, the USA is no longer ruled by Americans. There isn't going to be anyone to come to our aid, the only way we can take it back is a repeat of 1776. And Americans are too caught up in FAKEBOOK, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc to notice or even care.


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