Saturday, January 18, 2020

Israel to Use Drones to Further Subjugate America

This is not some fantasy, it's taking place now and in all places, Virginia where the Jews are leading the battle to take away our precious 2A rights. Jew Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn is the Speaker of the House and is pushing the gun grab bill. In the Virginia Senate, Senate Bill 16 is being pushed by Senate Majority Leader Richard SASLAW.
There are strong synergies between Virginia and Israeli business particularly in manufacturing; maritime and military related industries.
In 20 years we brought 100 Israeli companies to Virginia and helped them grow

Strauss Group’s $100m Sabra Hummus Factory
Zim’s Israel Shipping Lines North America Headquarters
Teva Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Plant
25 Defense & Cyber Security Companies
ZIM Shipping? The Israeli firm that had offices in the WTC and moved OUT one before the Israeli masterminded 9/11 false flag, even though it cost them plenty of shekels to cancel the lease?

ZIM fast-tracked the construction of anudda office building SIX months before the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag, and moved out a WEEK before Israel attacked the USA.
CIA Israeli Intelligence Assessment Regarding Zim Shipping and Mossad

A 1979 CIA Assessment of Israeli Intelligence shows that the CIA has long suspected that Zim has been used for Israeli intelligence support and cover.[19] [20] The CIA Israeli Assessment had this to say about Zim:

Other Israeli government organizations that provide support to the [Israeli] intelligence and security community are the Ministries of Finance and tourism, El Al, and the national shipping line, Zim. Unofficial Zionist organizations based in Israel and Jewish communities throughout the world also give aid to Israel operations when needed… Official organizations used for [Israeli intelligence] cover are Israeli Purchasing Missions and Israeli Government Tourist, El Al, and Zim offices, Israeli construction firms, industrial groups and international trade organizations also provide non-official cover. Individuals working under deep or illegal cover are normally charged with penetrating objectives that require a long-range, more subtle approach, or with activities in which the Israeli Government can never admit complicity.
(There's a site getting pushed to the top of most search engines that tries to push the lie that anyone who doubts the official story is some kind of crank. So they tell more lies to back-up the previous 9/11 lies. That site is 9/11 myths. Wonder who's behind that?)

TEVA drugs? TEVA has been scalping Goyim for decades. Don't worry and don't bleat, just follow the Judas Goat Gentiles!

Drones? WTF, they dope us up then use drones to finish off true Americans? If you ever wondered what life was like for Palestinians in the West Bank, you're going to get a first-hand taste.

Who's in charge of this major-league kikery?

Mel CHASKIN is Chairman; Chuck LESSIN is Vice-Chairman and DOV HOCH is Executive VP.

Time to start investing in bagel companies?

It will be interesting to see what our Kike Kommandos have planned for those Virginians supporting the Bill of Rights come January 20.

Here's a pic of some kind of military equipment the (((Deep State))) brought to Virginia. Can't have uppity Goyim protesting to protect their precious Bill of Rights. Why that would be anti-Semitic!

Looks like something straight from Gaza. Wonder if there's blood from Palestinians still in the tracks?
Like the Palestinian blood on these American supplied APCs?
Three Virginia gun owners have been arrested, accused by the (((FEDS))) of being part of the terrorist cell called "The Base." "The Base" was al CIA Duh in English. So our (((government))) is now putting lawful gun owners on the same page as Israel/KSA/USA funded ISIS terrorists. This is going to get interesting.

The FEDS probably got some hot info from the hate-mongering Jews at SPLC who also list Christian and Catholic groups on their site as hate groups.

Pic of killdozer from Jim Stone's web site.


  1. It would be so nice if someone put a goddamn bullet between Northam's eyes.

    1. Northam is a traitor and during war time, there's only ONE punishment for that loathsome act.


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