Wednesday, September 16, 2020

CIA's 1962 Plan to Use a False Flag to Justify Invasion of Cuba Sounds like What Happened on 9//11

From the NSA archives at GWU for "Operation Northwoods:

First, the introduction:

Then nine pages of signatures of who read this treasonous paper. On page 10, they get down to specifics. A slight modification and we have the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag ops.
Blowup ammo inside base & sabotage a ship in the harbor? Hear that Lebanon? Israel blew up Beirut, then lit a huge fire to let Lebanon know that they'll attack civilians if you fight back against defending your homeland from Khazar thieves.

The rest of this illegal aggression's on this page sounds like what they've been doing to Iraq, which will forever give the war pigs the excuse they need to stay in Iraq for decades.
Then there's talk about blowing up a drone vessel anywhere in Cuba's waters. Shades of the USS Maine false flag. And the terror campaigns against Cubans living in Florida, blamed on Castro.

More talk about disguising an American fighter jet as a MIG--the fighter jets they got from the USSR--and use those jets to harass and even attack American ships in and around Cuba.

Then the Money Shot; stage a hijacking of an American civilian aircraft. Fan the flames of fear in Americans, what they did on 9/11. While reading this, think back how many times parts of this scenario have been used all over the world, like that Malaysian jetliner MH370 that disappeared, like Flight 93 on 9/11, that we're told vanished into the ground, swallowing 100,000# of jet, engines and people.
The plane was heading north from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing on March 8, 2014, when it deviated from its scheduled path, turning west across the Malay Peninsula. It is believed to have turned south after radar contact was lost and crashed somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean after running out of fuel.

No significant pieces of the wreckage of the jetliner, a Boeing 777, have ever been found. Nor have any remains of the 239 people on board.
Fine tune this lunacy a bit and you have the 9/11 blueprints.


  1. Interesting! Good report. It's not hard to figure them out by now since they always use the same tactics. That's why I can never understand when I'm called a conspiracy theorist when really it's 'in your face' but people aren't interested in facts because they are lazy.

    1. They're arrogant and in our face because they know their American Goyim are well trained to think what Lebron or Kim or Eilish says is valuable and we should listen to them.
      Owning over 90% of the MSM helps.


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